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Looking Good - August 13, 2018

*-- How To Conceal The Signs Of Aging With Makeup --*

While we may not have a problem with mentally growing older and gaining wisdom, physically growing older is a whole other thing. If you want to conceal the signs of aging and aren't prepared to undergo expensive and dangerous elective surgery, here are some tips and tricks on how you can try to conceal the signs of aging with make up.

Step 1: Prepare the skin

Before you do anything to your face, you must cleanse it thoroughly and moisturize it. Once that is done, apply a fine layer of sunscreen, preferably SPF 15 or higher, to help slow down the progression of any other further signs of aging.

Once the sunscreen has had a bit of a chance to sink into the skin, take a makeup primer and apply it to your face. Primer is important for aging skin as it helps fill in those wrinkles and other fine lines that reveal our age.

Step 2: Conceal

If you have noticeable veins or red marks on your face, skip the skin-toned concealer and jump straight to the green concealer. Dab a bit of concealer on your fingers and the blend the green concealer right onto the affected skin. Take care to use your index finger rather than your "pointer" finger to ensure proper application.

Now take a concealer that matches your skin tone and use it to conceal any dark liver or age spots that you may have on your face or on visible parts of your body (such as your chest, arms, hands, etc). Blend it in well until the spot is no longer noticeable.

Step 3: Apply Foundation

Shake up your foundation bottle and grab a foundation makeup brush or sponge to apply the foundation. You can dab the foundation on your face, placing dots at different points such as the chin, the nose, the forehead and the cheeks. Use the brush to then evenly sweep the foundation over your face.

Step 4: More Concealer

This time, take a concealer that is made to "reflect" light (this is not your normal flesh toned concealer) and cover up those pesky under eye bags and other dark circles by dotting some of the concealer onto each under eye circle or bag. Blend it in gently.

Step 5: Add a Touch of Glow

To really give your skin that youthful, dewy look, grab a liquid highlighter and then blend it into your cheekbones and along the bridge of your nose. The highlighter has light reflecting particles that will give your skin an amazing glow!

Step 6: Cream Blush

Apply a cream blush by smiling and rubbing it into the apples of your cheeks. Cream blush is always better for older skin as it helps hydrate the skin, and it won't look dry, crumbly, or accentuate wrinkles.

Step 7: Reflective Powder

The best kind of powder to use is a reflective powder. Take your powder brush and apply a very light dusting of the powder all over your face. This helps not only set the foundation, but it will give your skin an even more polished glow. You can follow up by applying a bronzing product to your cheekbones, neck and nose.


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