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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Hello Video Lovers,

Like most people I had a yo-yo when I was a kid. It's a relatively cheap toy and in an age before smart phones and tablets anything that occupied a kid for a while was worth it.

I remember trying to learn a few simple tricks like 'walk the dog' and 'around the world', but I constantly got my string tangled.

The young man in today's video is a bit beyond 'walk the dog'. In fact, the things he does in this video are so incredible I'm amazed his string doesn't snap like a, well, like a string. It must be some kind of high tech microfilament. That's probably why I could never do any tricks. We didn't have microfilaments 30 years ago.

I bet he's wearing the gloves to keep his fingers from being sawed off by the friction of that string!

Your Editor

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You Haven't Seen Yo-Yoing Until You've Seen This

2018 U.S. national yo-yo champion Evan Nagao demonstrates tricks you never thought possible with a yo-yo.

Click here to watch the video

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