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Looking Good - July 11, 2018

*-- Finding The Flattering Skirt For You --*

There are a whole lot of different skirt lengths out there, which can make the whole process of finding one rather trying. Not only that, but skirts are made out of different materials, have different cuts, and different embellishments that makes buying process even more confusing. How do you know which ones will look good on you?

Finding the Right Length

The first thing that you should focus on when you go skirt shopping is the length of the skirt. A good general rule to keep in mind is that if you are over the age of 35 (or younger, in some cases), a mini skirt is no longer a fashionable option for you. The shorter the skirt does not mean the sexier the skirt; you can find a sexy skirt at a more suitable length, such as a well cut knee length skirt that hugs your hips and comes to a nice taper right above your knees.

TIP: The more basic the skirt, the better, especially the older you are. Stay away from any sort of low waist skirts, ruffles and pleats. These will only make you seem immature and will ruin any classic or modern look you were going for.

Skirt Cuts and Fabrics

The most flattering cut of skirt for any body type is the good old a-line skirt. The a-line works for almost anyone as it will help define the waist area, hide any trace of a tummy, conceal the hips and thighs you may want to hide, and it will balance almost any body shape.

Try to stay away from any sort of sarong style skirts as they can make your tummy look more pooch-like than it is, and definitely keep your hands off any mini or micro-mini skirts if they are no longer age appropriate or flattering to your body type.

Choose the Right Size

There are some skirts out there that are made to cling and hug to every part of your body, but these skirts will probably not be the most flattering to you. You want to wear a skirt that will not bunch as you sit, stand and move throughout your day. You also don't want a skirt that will become tight and confining. Find the right size skirt that will nicely hug you around the hip area but will allow you the freedom of movement.

Can I Wear a Denim Skirt?

Who doesn't love a great pair of jeans? While some may argue that denim skirts are no longer fashionable, we tend to disagree! A dark wash of denim can easily become sophisticated and sexy if paired up with a pair of heels and a button down jacket. Throw on a scarf, and you definitely have the business casual look going on.

You can wear denim skirts out to diner, on a date, or you can choose a lighter wash of denim and pair it with a trendy t-shirt or a sweater and boots for a more laid back look.


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