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Looking Good - June 18, 2018

*-- How To Choose The Right Necklace For Your Neckline --*

Ever sifted through your jewelry box, completely confused about what necklace will go best with the shirt or the dress that you are going to be wearing? Stop wondering what will look best with your shirt and follow these simple rules and guidelines about what necklaces will look best with any neckline.

One Important Consideration: The Occasion

No matter what the neckline is, you also have to think about the occasion that you are attending. A necklace that you would wear to a gala is definitely not going to be the same type of necklace that you will wear for a day at the office. As a rule, all understated pieces should be worn during the daytime, and more extravagant and precious pieces should be worn in the evening.

Strapless and Off the Shoulder Necklines

These types of necklines are truly complimented by a necklace that is worn closer to the neck. Think of wearing a short strand of pearls for a more sophisticated look, or you can choose to wear a choker to really polish off the look.


V-neck necklines look best with a solitaire pendant or a drop pearl necklace.

Open Collar Blouses

For those of you who like wearing the open collar blouses to work, you will want to pair this type of neckline up with a more thick and chunky piece of costume jewelry. Any type of faux gold or silver chains that lie flat against the collar bone will really accent your look. Taking care to coordinate your belt and earrings with the necklace will really give you that well put together look.

Turtlenecks and Jewel Necks

For these types of necklines and sweaters, adding a long strand of colorful beads will really add that extra flair to your outfit. Crystal stones tend to work best for the night time, whereas precious stones look great for that daytime look.

Square Neck Tops

These types of necklines look great with a dangling pendant that is suspended from a longer chain. You will want to make note of where the necklace falls from the collar bone to the neckline of the shirt or dress you are wearing.

Some Additional Tips

For those of you who are trying to conceal or downplay your bust, then you may want to forego wearing necklaces all together. Any sort of jewelry that you put near your neckline will immediately draw the eyes to your neck and downwards to your bust.

If you do choose to wear necklaces regularly, then you will want to make sure that you keep them cleaned regularly. Our bodies have naturally occurring oils that also hold any other sort of lotions and perfumes that we put onto our skin. These rub off onto our jewelry and will dull the jewelry over time, so the piece will not look as brilliant unless you clean the pieces on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.


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