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Looking Good - May 28, 2018

*-- How To Choose Clothing According To Your Complexion --*

It's no secret that people of different skin tones look better in certain colors than others, but the thing is - how do you know what colors are right for you? You're pretty sure that bright orange isn't your color, or maybe yellow has never been the most flattering on you - or is it that you just don't like a particular color and don't even know that it looks fabulous on you?

When attempting to choose a color to wear, it's important to take some things into consideration before you buy anything. First, you need to determine what skin tone you have. Next, you have to think about the season. Then you have to think about the different textures, the patterns, the shades the hues that all can help bring out your very best features.

The best way to try and determine this is to try a piece of clothing on, or to hold it up to your body in front of a mirror. If you have brought your friends shopping with you, definitely ask for their advice, starting with the most opinionated one. Chances are that you will be quite surprised by what will bring out the color in your eyes and the rosy shade of your cheeks, and what may completely wash you out.

Versatile Shades

The ultimate versatile shade of color that any woman can pull off is, of course, black. Nothing is better than having a hot black little dress in your closet, or a great black sweater that you can wear in a pinch. Black not only suits all skin tones, but it is also slimming and can be accessorized with nearly anything that you may have - shoes, bracelets, necklaces - you name it! Having quality clothing in black is essential for those times when you just simply don't know what to wear.

Red is another color that anyone can pull off; you just need to find the right tone of red for your skin. Those with a fairer complexion and a bluer undertone to their skin will do best to choose red shades that also have a blue or "cooler" undertone. Alternatively, those who have a more golden or warmer complexion should choose a more orange-toned red shade to truly compliment their golden hues.

Another color that most women can pull off is pink. There is a shade of pink that can compliment almost any skin tone out there, you just have to find the right one for you. Don't be fooled into thinking that the bright, bold shades of pink are not for you - chances are that you will look absolutely fantastic in a bright pink dress. Pastels are also quite becoming on those with many different skin tones, from the lightest skin tone to the darkest skin.

Some other common conceptions that come along with clothing colors include:

Yellow: A vibrant and athletic person.

White: Fresh and sexy.

Orange: You like to stand out in the middle of the crowd.

Blue: Independent and fun loving, confident.

Green: Natural and mysterious.


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