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Friday, April 27, 2018

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Earth loses an estimated 18 million acres of forestland every year--an area larger than Ireland--according to the United Nations Environment Program. When trees are cleared, their stored carbon is released back into the atmosphere. As a result, tropical deforestation is responsible for about 20 percent of total annual global warming emissions, making it second only to fossil fuels in terms of climate impact.

The best way to reduce emissions from tropical deforestation is to help ensure these trees are not cut down in the first place.

How? Why not hemp?

Now that marijuana is becoming increasingly legal in many states for recreational use, what is standing in the way of hemp?

Hemp has literally thousands of uses, from food and medicine to textiles and construction, and practically all of those uses are more economic and environmentally friendly than their current alternatives.

Scroll down for an amazing, eye-opening video.

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Hemp - What Are We Waiting For?

There are thousands of uses for hemp and it is time to legalize the growing of hemp so that we may benefit economically from this truly amazing plant.

Click here to watch the video