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Looking Good - April 30, 2018

*-- What Handbag Is Right For You? --*

What woman doesn't have at least 10 handbags laying around at home, just waiting to be used? We have all used them at one time or another, but it really depends on the event or the occasion. Handbags also have to continuously be renewed and kept fresh so that we are keeping with the trend of the day.

But handbags should not only be a fashion statement. Handbags today also have to be functional, meaning they need to have room for our wallet, our keys, our cell phone and our makeup, just to name a few of the essentials that every woman has in her handbag.

Here's another consideration to make: the shape of your body will dictate whether or not the shape of a handbag and size of a handbag is appropriate for you. So just how are you supposed to know what handbag is right for you?

The Size of the Handbag

The size not only has to be functional according to your life demands, but it also has to be proportionate to your height and weight. For instance, a short woman carrying a large handbag will look ridiculous, as will a very tall woman carrying a dainty, tiny handbag. The goal is that, if you are wearing a handbag that hangs off of your shoulder, it should end right around your hip. You want the hand bag to compliment and flatter your waist.

The Types of Handbags

There are several different types of handbags for you to choose from based on your needs and what will suit your body. Some of the most popular handbag types are:

Tote handbags: These bags are the bags you need to use when you have a whole lot to carry, such as your gym clothes, your water and a towel. Tote handbags are well built and tend to be rectangular in shape. It is a shoulder bag, though most people carry it in a shopping bag sort of fashion (i.e. carry it by hand). They are extremely fashionable these days and, as long as the size of the tote is complementary to your size, you can definitely use it.

Satchel Bag: These are the larger style of tote handbags. These bags are hand held and are very large, so much so that a woman under 5'5" may feel overwhelmed by them. Be cautions if you are shorter in stature and are considering purchasing a satchel bag.

Hobo Bag: These bags are also large bags, but they are crescent shaped as opposed to rectangular. Again, if you are a woman who is shorter in height, strongly reconsider purchasing a hobo bag (unless it looks absolutely fantastic).

Clutch Bags: Clutch bags are the standard bag that every woman takes with her when ever she attends a wedding or a cocktail party. These are perfect for every woman for any occasion, though clutch bags do come in a variety of sizes. Make sure that you choose a size that is not only appropriate when it comes to what you will need to put in it (your makeup, ID, money, debit card, credit card, etc.) but that it also suits your body shape and size.


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