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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

This is the 21st century. Murders aren't contracted in smoky backroom meetings like in the Godfather movies anymore. That is why the woman in today's story went to the Internet to find a hitman. And she tried to pay him in Bitcoins, too.

A nurse was in love with a man she worked with and wanted his wife dead so she can be with him.

31-year-old Tina Jones of Des Plaines, Illinois, went on the 'dark web,' where she found a company that sells its services of hitmen for money, according to the DuPage County State's Attorney’s Office.

Jones worked at the Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood. She was in love with an anesthesiologist who worked at the same hospital.

When the man no longer wanted to be involved in the love affair and broke up with Jones, she decided to kill his wife who is a clinical social worker.

Prosecutors said that Jones gave the hitman explicit details of what she wanted done to the wife of her lover. She gave the company the man's working hours so that they can find the woman home alone. She also warned them not to hurt the husband and to make the murder appear as an accident.

Jones paid the company $10,000 in Bitcoin for the murder. However, someone tipped off the police to her intent and she was arrested.

Tina Jones was charged with one felony count of solicitation of murder. Jones is facing 20 years in prison if convicted of the crime.

I don't know about you, but my question is; what is this murder company that you can find on the Internet and why is it not being investigated?


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* Bus Driver Fired for Watching TV Behind Wheel *

A tour bus driver in New York has been fired after a passenger recorded him watching TV shows on his cellphone while behind the wheel. Barry Fisk captured video after the bus departed Manhattan at 8:30 a.m. on a tour booked by company Get Your Guide. The video shows the bus driver watching TV shows on his phone while driving a bus load of passengers. A Get Your Guide spokesman said the driver has been fired. "In this case, the driver in question was in breach of local law and our own safety standards, and we regret that our customer Barry Fisk was put in an unsafe situation as a result," the spokesman said. "We've reached out personally to Mr. Fisk with a full refund and our sincere apologies."


*----- "I'm a Cowboy, On a Jet Ski I Ride" -----*

A bison released from its enclosure by flooding in Hawaii was rescued from the middle of a bay by a lasso-wielding cowboy on a jet ski. Hanalei residents reported seeing buffalo running loose amid flooding this week, and one of the animals was spotted struggling in Hanalei Bay. A witness captured video of a lasso-wielding cowboy roping the bison and towing it back to shore. Locals said the bison were released when floodwaters provided a path over the fence surrounding their enclosure.

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LEWIS; OFGS! Whenever I read these stories of 2 people fighting over custody of a dog or cat my thought is "Let the other person have the pet and I will get a new kitten or puppy." That way you will look like the good guy and still come out a winner. -R.S.R.
[I, personally, believe pet ownership to be immoral. Are you really insecure enough to need an emotional slave?]

If the cops had just let that burglar wear the plastic bag over his head for a little bit longer, the problem would have solved itself.

That story about Elario, a 4-year-old, 100-pound Labrador made me crazy! A court is making two grown adults share a dog? How about stop using hardworking peoples' tax money on stupid crap like that? Either that or the dog shoulda got a better lawyer. --Gene

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