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My wife loves that Netflix program 'The Crown'. I haven't seen it, but she's always singing its praises.

This first story will get her, and all other fans, excited for the third season. Netflix has announced that Tobias Menzies will be taking over the role of Prince Philip from Matt Smith in Season 3 and 4 of The Crown.

The casting change will take place following Season 2 as the series was designed to feature the royal characters as they age. Olivia Colman will be taking over the role of Queen Elizabeth II from Claire Foy and Helena Bonham Carter is set to play Princess Margaret in place of Vanessa Kirby.

Menzies will be joining the cast when production begins in the summer in the U.K., Deadline reported. The actor is known for portraying Brutus in HBO's Rome, as Edmure Tully in Game of Thrones and as Frank Randall and Black Jack Randall in Outlander. He will be seen as the Duke of Cornwall in BBC and Amazon's King Lear and also stars in AMC's The Terror.

"Say hello to your new Prince Philip in @TheCrownNetflix Season 3: Tobias Menzies!" Netflix said on Twitter.

Paul Bettany was originally in talks to portray Prince Philip before he dropped out of the project.

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Roseanne Barr: George Clooney turned down 'Roseanne' revival
Roseanne Barr says George Clooney turned down the Roseanne revival.

The 65-year-old actress said on Tuesday's episode of The Howard Stern Show that it's a "bummer" Clooney won't return as Booker Brooks on the ABC series.

"George Clooney didn't want to come on, so that was a bummer," Barr told host Howard Stern.

"I thought, 'Well, he lives in Italy, so...'" she explained.

Clooney played Brooks in the first season of Roseanne, which premiered in 1988. Barr, who voiced her "love" for the actor, recalled how Clooney supported her after she received a chocolate "1" to mark the show's success.

"The show went to No. 1 in its third episode," the actress said. "He goes, 'They [expletive] gave what's-his-face a Rolls Royce on this network.'"

"He goes, 'Let's go out and I'll throw it in there and you hit it with a bat. Then we'll send a picture to the head of the network,'" she recounted.

Roseanne originally had a nine-season run from 1988 to 1997. The show returned Tuesday with Barr and original stars John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, Michael Fishman, Sarah Gilbert and Lecy Goranson.

"I am so greatful to the fans of the Roseanne show for giving it a good Premiere rating," Barr tweeted Wednesday after the revival premiered to 18.2 million viewers. "You are all wonderful-here is to making America laugh & talk again! LOVE U."

Kevin Smith enjoys Disneyland trip with family following heart attack
Kevin Smith posted on Instagram how he enjoyed a trip to Disneyland with his wife Jennifer Schwalbach Smith and their daughter Harley Quinn Smith after suffering from a massive heart attack in February.

"You just survived a heart attack! What do you wanna do next? "I'm going to @disneyland!" Yesterday we took a family trip together for the first time in years to the happiest place on Earth, to celebrate my still being alive (and to do research)!" Smith said alongside a photo of himself posing with his wife in daughter in front of the Disneyland castle.

"Jen and I would bring a young @harleyquinnsmith to @disney at least once a month. So yesterday's trip to the #magickingdom was not only good for the heart, it was good for the soul!" he continued after mentioning how they spent the day going on every ride in the park.

Smith was hospitalized in February after performing a new standup special, Kevin Smith Live! at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, Calif. He had completed one of two planned shows before he began to feel sick and decided to call an ambulance.

"I didn't piece together [I was having a] heart attack," Smith previously said in a video where he updated fans on his condition. "Even when I was sitting there going like 'my chest is heavy' and stuff and even though my father died at the age of 67 of a massive heart attack."

Harley Quinn also posted on Instagram a photo from the trip with her parents saying, "Trying to force my family to love Disney as much as I do - an ongoing saga."

"She was just so ahead of her time. She was an inspiration, she had this appetite for life, and I think I share that with her."
--Mariska Hargitay, speaking about her late mother, Jayne Mansfield, to PEOPLE

??? Guess Who ???

Which survival expert is taking 'unsung heroes' adventuring in a new show?

Armie Hammer left in charge of restaurant for Halle Berry delivery
Armie Hammer described to Conan O' Brien Tuesday how he was left in charge of an empty resturant he was dining at after the owner left to deliver food to Halle Berry.

Hammer brought up the incident during a conversation about fame and how he believes most people in Los Angeles don't even recognize him.

"I was like this is the most LA experience that has ever happened to me," the actor said of how he reacted after the owner explained to him how he was leaving to deliver food to Berry with a smile on his face.

"He had no idea, I think, of who I was. He just saw me and was like, "He's got kind of a trustworthy face, I'll let him run my resturant.'"

Hammer was also on Conan to promote his new film Final Portrait from writer and director Stanley Tucci which he says rivals Quentin Tarantino's profanity-laden Reservoir Dogs in how many times the f-word is used.

Final Portrait stars Hammer as a friend of a talented artist (Geoffrey Rush) who wants to paint his portrait but ends up taking several weeks working on the project in order to craft the perfect piece.

"I think we also set a record for the amount of f-bombs in the movie. It's like us and Reservoir Dogs which is funny because ours is literally a movie about the artistic process and actually watching paint dry," Hammer said.

CBS orders second seasons of 'S.W.A.T.' and 'SEAL Team'
CBS renewed its action series Seal Team and S.W.A.T. for second seasons to air during the 2018-19 broadcast season, the network announced Tuesday.

The pickup follows the network's previous announcement that it renewed its The Big Bang Theory prequel Young Sheldon for a second season.

"These exciting new dramas have been sensational additions to our schedule, are striking all the right notes creatively, and really connect with our viewers," Kelly Kahl, president of CBS Entertainment, said in a statement.

"SEAL Team has strengthened our Wednesday lineup -- routinely winning its time period with over 10 million viewers and allowing us to build an even more powerful night, while S.W.A.T. has improved Thursday's 10 p.m. hour by over 2.5 million viewers versus last season. Additionally, both are among the very top streamers on our digital platforms, including and CBS All Access. We congratulate the talented casts and producers on an amazing year as we look forward to their return next season."

SEAL Team is a military drama starring David Boreanaz, while S.W.A.T. features Shemar Moore as a Los Angeles Police Department sergeant who runs a specialized tactical unit.

??? Guess Who ???

Which survival expert is taking 'unsung heroes' adventuring in a new show?

Survival expert Bear Grylls says his latest project, Facebook Watch series Face the Wild, aims to "celebrate some unsung heroes."

Face the Wild, which streams its second episode Wednesday on Facebook Watch, bears some similarities to his other currently-running series, NBC's Running Wild with Bear Grylls, but this time the adventurer and former soldier is taking 10 of his Facebook fans along for the ride instead of well-known celebrities.

"The difference with this new show is that I get to celebrate some unsung heroes who have inspired me and I know will move so many millions who see this," Grylls told UPI. "The 10 people I chose to adventure with were incredible -- they had all gone through so much but still had such a light in their lives. That was special to see."

"It's all about saying thank you to fans and sharing inspiration with viewers," the survival expert said. "I am so proud of the people we chose and the adventure they joined me on."

Grylls said the new show began to gestate when Facebook Live approached him about doing a series based on the "stream of cool, inspiring, moving messages" he receives on Facebook every day. He said the people who contact him are often "asking to go on once in a lifetime adventure -- either for them or someone they love."

"Facebook Watch approached me and asked would I consider a show where we respond to that demand. It was a dream one for me," Grylls said.

He said the show started with 100,000 messages from his fans, which were "whittled" down to "10 individuals whose stories were genuinely inspiring and who had an emotional or physical hardship they wished to overcome through an adventure together."

The famously unflappable adventurer said his guests aren't the only ones who need a little help overcoming their fears.

"Trust me, we all have these niggling fears," Grylls said. "When I was serving with the military I fractured T8 T10 & T12 vertebrae in a freefall parachuting accident in southern Africa, and ever since then I will always feel that fear when I'm about to jump or parachute during filming."

Grylls said he relies on the support of his crew members to encourage him "to face the fear once more."

"You have to face fears head on, and understand that fear is there to sharpen us," he said.

The survival expert said his on-camera bravery doesn't tell the whole story, as he has "plenty of" fears in his everyday life.

"I get really nervous at cocktail parties or social situations where there seems like no escape route!" he said.

Grylls said his off-camera adventures include working with youth as Britain's Chief Scout and visiting his family's island in Wales with his wife and three sons.

"It is where I love to spend time with the family and it always reminds me of all that really matters in life," he said.

He said the island offers its own wilderness adventures.

"We have no mains electricity or water and run everything totally off grid, but we love it. No cell phones, just us together," Grylls said. "The boys love the life, and it is so good to see them really grow up to understand the outdoors, the seas and waves, the cliffs and caves ... I get such a kick out of seeing them thrive in those adventure environments."

New episodes of Face the Wild stream Wednesdays on Facebook Watch.

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