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Looking Good - April 2, 2018

*-- 8 Ways to Feel Beautiful for the Spring! --*

Spring is upon us! Which means, tank tops, skirts, and flip flops will make their return! Here are some ways to get your body prepared for the warmer weather.

Exfoliate - Find a scrub you really like and buff away those dead skin cells from head to toe! Not only will it leave your skin smooth, but it will also reveal healthier, younger looking skin. It will increase the effectiveness of moisturizers, reduce the appearance of fine lines, blemishes, and uneven skin tones. Make sure to scrub your body in a circular motion.

Facials - Schedule a facial or if you want, do one at home! If you schedule one though, make sure to get a facial massage and start with a microdermabrasion exfoliation and end with a facial mask to restore your skin's freshness and radiance.

Perfume - Time to switch out your winter perfume for a tangy, fruity, or floral fragrance to invigorate your senses!

Hair - Treat yourself to a moisturizing treatment for your scalp and hair! Get a new hair cut and style. Add some highlights to lighten up your hair as well.

Nails - Change up your nail polish. Put your darker colors away and pull out your pastels! Pastel is the new, hot trend this year. Soft pink, fresh yellow, gentle green, and cool blue nail polish are very versatile for any occasion!

Bath - Switch out your winter body wash for a citrus or floral body wash with a moisturizer! it will invigorate and moisturize your skin with every wash.

Feet - Get a pedicure! After having your feet couped up all winter, make sure that you treat yourself. Just like with the rest of your body, you want to wash away the dead cells and start fresh for the flip flop season!

Clothes - Incorporate brighter colors and floral or lace patterns subtly into your wardrobe for an upbeat and fresh look for warmer weather.

Winter weather is not easy on our bodies. They take a beating with all the cold. It dries out our skin, hurts our bones, and can cause seasonal depression. So, when Spring rolls around, treat yourself and help your body adjust for the warmer weather coming!


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