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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Hello Video Lovers,

You don't see this kind of stuff on TV anymore. This clip is from the original Celebrity Roasts from back in the 70s when the one-and-only Dean Martin hosted them.

When you watch the so-call "celebrity" roasts on Comedy Central these days all you get are crude sex jokes and foul language, but the masters who graced the dais for the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts really knew how to fillet an honoree with a razor sharp wit. It's a little shocking to see it, but many of the guests and roasters are smoking and drinking on stage, and you can tell they are all really enjoying themselves.

Some of the jokes and ethnic references would most likely not be allowed on network TV today.

Your Editor

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Don Rickles Brutally Roasts Ronald Reagan

Don Rickles proved that no one was safe from his caustic wit - even future presidents. Then California Gov. Ronald Reagan was the subject of one of Dean Martin's roasts in 1974.

Click here to watch the video

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