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Phunny Pictures - January 27, 2018

Howdy Folks,

The other day my son Rusty told me that his pet chicken Beakerton had gone missin and had been missin for a phew days.

My boy loves that chicken so we searched all around and even hung up missing chicken signs, even at the local chicken eatery called, "Feathers, Beaks, and Talons." After a few hours we came home emptee handed and my boy was sad. Well, that was until he saw the mailbox.

It looked like someone had stuffed the missing Beakerton in to our mailbox. He looked happy and health and it made my boy smile with glee.

Later, my neighbor told me that she had infact put that winged mcnugget in the ol' letter holder. When I asked her why she said, "Well, he is male, ain't he?"

Hey, she ain't wrong.

Take Care Y'all

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