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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

A man who made headlines over his loves of donuts was arrested for breaking into Dunkin' Donuts.

27-year-old Bradley Hardison of North Carolina participated in the police-sponsored anti-crime donut eating contest despite the fact that he was wanted on suspicion of several break-ins.

During the contest, Hardison reportedly devoured eight glazed donuts in two minutes.

Elizabeth City police said that after making headlines for winning the contest, Hardison was arrested for crimes, which he committed 9 months prior in Camden County. In that case, he received a 3 year suspended sentence.

Hardison apparently did not learn from his mistakes as he is making headlines over donuts again. However, this time, it is not over his impressive eating skills, but rather over his break-in at a Dunkin' Donuts.

Hardison was charged with felony breaking and entering, safecracking, and larceny. He is being on $7,000 bond.


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*--- Something Smells Fishy About This Story ---*

Police in Florida said they arrested a man who was caught on camera stealing exotic fish from a pet store by shoving them down his pants. The Clearwater Police Department said Cruz Garcia Jr. and accomplice Crystal Dixon walked into the Pet Safari store and Dixon quickly set about distracting store clerk Kayla Kraut. Kraut reported Dixon was asking "just random questions. Anything to keep me occupied." The security cameras recorded Garcia taking Electric Blue Acaras and Blue Ram Cichlids from display tanks, bagging them and shoving the fish-filled bags down his pants. "The boyfriend came to this fish tank over here, pointed at a fish and said, 'Oh, that's a really cool fish' and then ran out the door," Kraut said. "I immediately went to where I saw them last and I noticed there were droplets of water coming from the tank. I knew there was missing fish." The store said the fish ranged in price from $18 to $20 each. Kraut was able to get the license plate number of the pair's getaway vehicle and turned it over to police with the security camera footage. "I think it's the first call you ever heard were somebody stuffs live fish down their pants and flees the scene," police spokesman Rob Shaw said. The fish have not been recovered, police said.


*-------------- Oddly Appropriate --------------*

An event that started as a joke on Facebook turned into a real candlelight vigil for a Taco Bell eatery in Alabama that was destroyed by a fire. The Taco Bell burned and partially collapsed after a small room containing electrical distribution equipment sparked a fire in the building, Montgomery Fire/Rescue said. An event cropped up on Facebook a few days after the fire calling for a "candlelight vigil" to remember the fast food eatery. The event began as an apparent joke, but led to about 100 people congregating at the location night to pay tribute to Taco Bell. The owners of the Taco Bell thanked the community for their support. "We are already planning our comeback and will rebuild!" the owner said. "We will have a true celebration upon re-opening and hope that all of you that Quiero Taco Bell will Run to the Border on Zelda and LiveMas with us!"

*-------------- READER COMMENTS --------------*

So, did the guy who sculpted the snow DeLorean still have to pay the ticket? I don't know the law in Canada, but most US police would probably make him pay it.
[No. I think it was a gag.]

LEWIS; I hope the man who built the fake snow car didn't put a real license plate on the car unless he found a discarded plate somewhere that was never registered to him.

Maybe the selfie was taken at the exact moment that he realized he was going to fall. I'd love to hear THAT eulogy.
[You wouldn't be able to understand it anyway. It would be in Turkish.]

*----------- END OF READER COMMENTS ----------*

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