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Looking Good - January 24, 2018

*-- 6 Tricks for Perfect Foundation --*

You don't need a swanky airbrush machine or heavy makeup to get the perfect makeup finish. The best foundation covers flaws but allows the skin's natural beauty to shine through.

Massage your face and neck with moisturizer. Nothing gets those cheeks flushing and skin rosy-looking like a good massage. Before you apply your makeup, squirt a pea-sized amount of moisturizer to your fingertips. Dab on the moisturizer to your neck and face, rubbing it in gently. Lightly moisturized, massaged skin accepts foundation easier; the finish looks smoother too.

Shrink pores with face primer. One big complaint is, "My pores are too large." You can temporarily shrink facial pores by applying a thin layer of primer to the skin. If you have combination skin, only apply the primer to the oily areas. Primer on dry skin looks like spackle.

Heat up your makeup with your fingers. This tip works great if you use liquid makeup. By applying your makeup with your fingers, you warm the product-that's great for a smooth foundation. Do start with clean hands and wash them afterwards too.

Blend makeup down or sideways. If you use mineral powder, swirl on the makeup in small circles using a kabuki brush. Go with the skin's natural wrinkle tendencies, not against.

Dampen a sponge and blend around the nose and jawline. This little extra trick will save you when you step out into the sun. Nothing like having those clownish makeup lines to really embarrass you.

Set makeup with a sheer powder. So many women skip the powder but if you want perfect makeup, you do need it. The key is matching the foundation with the same powder shade. If you must, you can go slightly lighter for an illuminating look.


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