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Friday, January 19, 2018

Good morning,

A story came out recently indicating that geo-engineering proposals to ameliorate climate change would likely be ineffective and might even make matters worse.

Some ideas are unlikely; like "alkalising" the ocean with limestone to cause a chemical reaction to absorb more CO2 from the atmosphere. Some are just ridiculous; like placing large mirrors in space to reflect the Sun's rays.

But if human interference in the ecosystem is the problem, maybe more interference isn't the best solution. Sometimes just getting out of the way and letting nature heal itself is the best option.

Please scroll down for a short but amazing video about the near-miraculous changes that took place in Yellowstone National Park after the natural balance that humans interrupted was finally restored.

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How Wolves Change the Course of Rivers

The remarkable story of how the reintroduction of wolves to the Yellowstone National Park changed the ecology and habitat of the Park.

Click here to watch the video