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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

A Canadian man made a fake car out of snow and got a real parking ticket.

Montreal native Simon Laprise crafted a Back to the Future-style Delorean on the side of his street as part of a prank and he got the results he expected.

"It was a beautiful day," Laprise told Vice. "So I decided to do something out of the mountain of snow, to do a little joke to the snow guys, and have fun sculpting a car. It's not my first one, just the first I do in the street on snow removal day."

Laprise sculpted the Delorean to look like a life-size version of Marty McFly's ride had been parked throughout a snow storm for days. He even added indentions for the wheels and windows -- and then threw a spare windshield wiper he found lying around for a special touch.

The snow car looked real enough that when police came around to look for cars parked on that side of the road during a snow plowing hours, they wrote a ticket and left it on a windshield made of snow.

Larpise had his last laugh as he posted the photos to Facebook.

"Muhahaha," he wrote.


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A Florida motorist was so impaired that he mistook a Bank of America drive-up lane for a Taco Bell and sought to order a burrito from a teller, according to an arrest report. Police were called to a Tampa-area bank "in reference to a suspected impaired driver." Upon arriving at the Bank of America branch, an investigator found Douglas Francisco, 28, at the wheel of a blue Hyundai in the bank's parking lot. A bank manager previously told police that a male driving a blue Hyundai had passed out at the wheel while in the bank's drive-thru lane. After the employee beat on the car's window, the driver awoke and asked for a burrito. He subsequently drove away "after being informed he was not at Taco Bell."


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Police in Maine say they have arrested a man who allegedly punched himself in the face to avoid a breathalyzer test. Police say they found the car of 27-year-old Brian Fogg in a ditch early Saturday morning on Waterville Road. When they tried to administer a breathalyzer test, Fogg allegedly punched himself in the face three times, causing himself to bleed. Police tended to his injuries instead of giving him the test. Fogg is charged with OUI, falsifying physical evidence and criminal mischief.

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I don't think this was a accident where this guy from Turkey fell when taking a selfie. He jumped when he realised he had wife and 8 kids.

But you left out the most important part. How did the selfie turn out?

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