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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

A man who wanted to avoid paying extra for overweight luggage decided to wear all of his clothes.

However, this move backfired when the man was not allowed to board a British Airways flight and was arrested when he questioned staff members and recorded the encounter.

Ryan Carney Williams said that he was traveling from Iceland to his home in London, England. He was at the Keflavik International Airport dressed in eight pairs of pants and ten shirts. He was allowed to check in his luggage but he was soon told that he was not allowed to fly due to the excessive amount of clothes.

Ryan posted videos of the incident to Twitter. He slammed the airline for "racial profiling."

Is wearing too many clothes racist?

Airline employees asked him to stop recording before calling security. Williams was arrested after being rude to staff members.

Williams said that he was polite during the incident. After giving police his side of the story, Williams was allowed to walk free.

The airline refunded him the money for his ticket. Williams finally made it home on a Norwegian airline.


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*-- The Old Spices in a Baggie Ploy Goes Bad --*

A boy became angry when his drug dealer double-crossed him by handed him kitchen spices instead of marijuana, according to police in Utah. Davis County police said that they have arrested 17-year-old Seth Carreras after being accused of killing 19-year-old Travis Woodson. According to the police investigation, Carreras contacted Woodson, who was a drug dealer, and asked to buy 1.5 ounces of marijuana. Carreras came over to Woodson’s home in order to test the quality of marijuana. After smoking a bit, Carreras agreed to purchase 1.5 ounces of marijuana for $121. Carreras told the drug dealer that he had to go home to bring the cash. Woodson then placed kitchen spices, including salt, pepper, and paprika, in a baggie. Woodson gave the bag to his girlfriend, Kayla Gibson, 17, and ordered her to accompany Carreras to his home and give him the bag once he pays her. Gibson followed her boyfriend’s instructions and collected the money form Carreras. As soon as Carreras ripped open the bag, he realized that he was ripped off. Meanwhile, Gibson ran to her boyfriend to warn him that Carreras discovered the truth about the contents of the baggie. Carreras then shot Woodson multiple times until he fell to the ground. Carreras then went through Woodson's pockets and took back the money he paid for the marijuana he never got. Gibson, who witnessed the shooting, ran out of the home and called the police.


*--- The Deadly Selfie Claims Another Victim ---*

A man in Turkey who wanted to celebrate his birthday at a castle fell to his death while trying to take the perfect selfie. 39-year-old Halil Dag, who was a father of 8 children, lost his life by falling more than 100 feet from the edge of a cliff onto the rocks below. The incident unfolded on Monday while Dag and his friends went to visit historical sites in Balikligol. While Dag was at the Urfa Castle, which lies at the top of a mountain, his friends took video of him jumping from some rocks. Dag wanted his friends to capture a photo, showing him suspended mid-air at the castle. When he landed on the ground, he lost his balance and rolled over the edge of the cliff. He fell 120 feet and died as a result of severe trauma.

*-------------- READER COMMENTS --------------*

I'm just curious, was the trigger-happy mayor also removed from office? I'd say it was a given under the circumstances, but on the other hand, Cheney stayed in office. -Chris
[So did Clinton, and Bush, and Bush, and practically every other politician. Haven't you learned yet that the law doesn't apply to elected officials? Only to us peons.]

There's something wrong with that story about the guy in Pennsylvania who left his wife and married her daughter. If he couldn't stand the mother enough to stay with her, what makes him think her daughter would be any better? In my experience the daughters are usually worse than the mothers. I mean, not sexually (I'm not from Pennsylvania after all), but, like, as people. Sheesh.

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