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Looking Good - January 17, 2018

*-- How To Keep Your Nails Looking Good In The Winter --*

In the winter, not only does your skin get dry, flaky, and crack, but your nails do too. To prevent this, follow these simple easy steps!

Keep your hands, fingers, and cuticles moisturized. It will help to keep your nails from becoming brittle and breaking. Use a cuticle cream or oil once or twice a day and make sure to massage it in for maximum effect.

Wear moisturizing gloves to bed. Or, after any extended uses of harsh cleaning products this would be good as well.

Keep your nails shorter and rounded in the winter. This will help prevent them from breaking. Also, use a nail strengthener on your nails, whether you paint them or not. If you paint them, also use a base coat to keep the polish on longer.

When removing nail polish, try to use one a nail polish remover with a conditioner in it so that the chemicals in the remover will not dry out the nails. Also, because nails grow slower in the winter, use a growth treatment on your nails. Make sure to massage it in completely and make sure your nails are dry before applying anything else to them.

Make sure to never cut or file your nails after a shower or bath. It can cause them to split.

Always file your nails towards the middle instead of back and forth across the nails. It will help prevent cracking or peeling of the nails!

And finally, make sure to use gloves when going outside!

**If you use a lot of nail polish and it tends to turn your nails yellow (as it does in some cases), you can also soak your hands in a baking soda and hot water mix for 10 minutes to whiten them (do not use bleach).**


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