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We're pretty frozen over here you don't even need coffee
to wake you up today just step outside! That must sound
crazy for all of you in those warm weather states. Perfect
recipe on a cold winter's day is HOMEMADE HOT COCOA and
I haven't mastered the homemade marshmallows yet but will
be sure to let you know when I do because those would be
pure heaven with this drink!

Thanks to my sister in law Amanda for introducing me to
a little sprinkle of peppermint on top too it was the
perfect accent and smells fantastic. I have the perfect
thermos and travel mugs all packed and ready for the
first sledding trip if we would only get a bunch of

Enjoy & stay warm!

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1 quart milk
1/3 cup sugar
1/4 cup cocoa poweder
1/4 teaspoon vanilla, or 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
whipped cream for topping

In saucepan, combine sugar and cocoa. Add a few
tablespoons of milk and heat over medium high heat,
stirring constantly. The heat will make it easier to
dissolve the cocoa. When the sugar, cocoa and milk
have formed a paste, add the remainder of the milk
and heat until steaming. Pour into mugs, top with
a bit of whipped cream or marshmallows and serve

Yield: 4 servings
Category: Drinks


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Depending on what is added to (or removed from) the
chocolate liquor, different flavors and varieties of
chocolate are produced. Each has a different chemical
make-up, the differences are not solely in the taste.
Be sure, therefore, to use the kind the recipe calls
for, as different varieties will react differently to
heat and moisture.

* Unsweetened or Baking chocolate is simply cooled,
hardened chocolate liquor. It is used primarily as an
ingredient in recipes, or as a garnish.

* Semi-sweet chocolate is also used primarily in recipes.
It has extra cocoa butter and sugar added. Sweet cooking
chocolate is basically the same, with more sugar for

* Milk chocolate is chocolate liquor with extra cocoa
butter, sugar, milk and vanilla added. This is the most
popular form for chocolate. It is primarily an eating

* Cocoa is chocolate liquor with much of the cocoa butter
removed, creating a fine powder. It can pick up moisture
and odors from other products, so you should keep cocoa
in a cool, dry place, tightly covered.

* White chocolate is somewhat of a misnomer. In the
United States, in order to be legally called 'chocolate'
a product must contain cocoa solids. White chocolate does
not contain these solids, which leaves it a smooth ivory
or beige color. Real white chocolate is primarily cocoa
butter, sugar, milk and vanilla. There are some products
on the market that call themselves white chocolate, but
are made with vegetable oils instead of cocoa butter.
Check the label to avoid these cheap imitations. White
chocolate is the most fragile form of chocolate; pay close
attention to it while heating or melting it.