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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

A group of drinkers in a small New Zealand town created their own island to get around a local ban on alcohol during the New Year holiday period.

The local government of Tairua, located in northern New Zealand, bans consumption of alcohol in public places each year from Dec. 23 to Jan. 6.

But this New Year, a group of about seven people created an island in the middle of the Tairua estuary so they can drink outside. According to the New Zealand Herald, the group used the low tide waters to shovel together enough mud to create a mound big enough for a bench and several people.

As the waters surrounded the newly-formed island, the revelers imbibed in public, successfully flouting the local laws and doing so to the delight of local law enforcement.

"That's creative thinking," Waikato eastern area commander Inspector John Kelly said. "If I had known that I probably would have joined them."

The local alcohol ban during the Christmas and New Year holiday was put in place to cut down on illegal behavior that resulted in several arrests.

"[Th police] were getting frustrated with the result and said it has to change," local resident Noddy Watts said.

No arrests were made in the drinking island incident.


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*--------------- New Year Twins ---------------*

A set of twins was delivered at Delano Regional Medical Center in California on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. "It's pretty unusual," Doctor Seyed Tamjidi said. "I've been doing this for 35 years and I've never had this before." Joaquin Jr. Ontiveros was born Dec. 31, 2017, at 11:58 p.m. Aitana de Jesus Ontiveros was born Jan. 1, 2018, at 12:16 a.m. Hospital staff said in Kern County the boy was the last baby born in 2017, and his twin sister was the first baby born in 2018. The parents said they are overjoyed with the early surprise. Every year the hospital collects donations to shower the first baby born in the new year with gifts. Matthew Cauthron, marketing director at Delano Regional Medical Center, said the twins will go home with more than $3,000 worth of baby supplies.


*--- Good Luck Tucking That Under Your Seat ---*

TSA agents at the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas found dead cougar inside a passenger's luggage. The passenger was stopped at security when the cougar corpse was spotted through x-ray screeners. The passenger told TSA agents that he was a hunting in Utah and had appropriate Utah State Fish and Game tags for the cougar. Airport officials temporarily held the man and his dead cougar until the information could be verified and it turned out that no laws were broken. "It is not a crime to transport game that is legal to possess via airlines," Metropolitan Police Lt. David Gordon told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. "However, airlines reserve the right to tell passengers they do not want to transport certain items." And Nevada Division of Wildlife spokesman Doug Nielsen said it's not unusual to transport animal carcasses through the airport. "As long as that's a legally harvested animal, we don't have any problem with them passing through Nevada," Nielsen said.

*-------------- READER COMMENTS --------------*

The article about the guy stealing a bucket of gold flakes from an armored car ... wasn't that an old story? I remember hearing about the same exact incident months ago. Surely you're not running out of bizarre news! Where's Florida when you need it? -Cindy
[I confess. It is an old story. But I need a vacation every now and then too, so I re-ran some stories from last year while I was out. Good memory, though!]

So, the man was arrested for slapping the kid's testicles, but the kid did the same to him and nothing happens? How do we know the kid didn't start it and the older guy just retaliated? -Ken
[That's ageism right there, pure and simple.]

LEWIS; Perhaps someday a technical genius will invent a hologram Christmas Tree. It would be a flat disc that lies on the floor and plugs into the wall and when you flip the on switch Voila! A 3D hologram of a 10 foot Christmas tree complete with ornaments and lights appears. Families can place their gifts around the disc in the days leading up to Christmas. When the holidays ends just put the disc away. Wow! R.S.
[Boy, you really want to suck all of the fun out of Christmas, don't you?]

*----------- END OF READER COMMENTS ----------*

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