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Looking Good - December 13, 2017

*-- Vaseline: Your Secret Beauty Weapon --*

Who doesn't have Vaseline sitting around in a cupboard or drawer in their washroom? Though we don't use it nearly as much as we should, we all own it for some reason. But why?

What is Vaseline?

Vaseline is a product that was created in the late 19th century by a chemist named Robert Cheesebrough. Throughout the course of his work, he observed that the factory workers were using the rod wax to moisturize their skin and discovered that the wax also helped speed up the healing time of any skin cuts and wounds. He took this knowledge and made up several different batches or "lines" of products that contained the key ingredient, petroleum jelly, and put them in vases. This is where the "vase" in "Vaseline" originates from.

To Improve your Smile

Did you know that you can brighten your smile with just a touch of Vaseline? Take a small amount on your finger and then rub it all over your front teeth and gums to really make your teeth glisten. When you're watching a beauty pageant on TV, notice their gleaming smile... that's all thanks to Vaseline!

To Soften your Feet

If you have rough and calloused feet, you can use Vaseline to help soften them up. Soak your feet in a warm tub of water for up to 15 minutes, and then rub the rough areas of skin with a pumice stone. When you are finished exfoliating the skin, take some Vaseline and rub it into those areas. Throw on a thick pair of socks and go to bed. When you wake up the next morning, you will notice a considerable difference in the softness of your feet!

To Moisturize your Lips

The simplest lip gloss product that you can ever find is Vaseline. Taking a bit of Vaseline on your finger and then rubbing it into your lip will not only hydrate your lips, but it will give them that wet, kissable shine. You can apply Vaseline right overtop of any lipstick you may be wearing, too.

To Style Dry Hair

Have dry hair? Then pick up a jar of Vaseline. Dab a very small amount of Vaseline onto your fingers and style your hair as you usually would (do use it sparingly as Vaseline can quickly make your hair go from healthy looking and shiny to greasy and oily in seconds). The Vaseline will hold your style and your hair will feel and look better too!

To Tame your Brows

Did you know that Vaseline can be used as a great product to hold your eyebrows in place? Take a tiny little bit of the product and then apply it to your eyebrow area with either an eyebrow brush or with your fingertip.

To Remove your Eye Makeup

Yes, Vaseline can also remove your eye makeup if you are ever in a pinch. Put a small amount of Vaseline on a cloth or a towel, and then rub it gently over top of your eye area. You should notice that all eye makeup has been removed, including your waterproof mascara!


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