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Phunny Pictures - November 18, 2017

Howdy Folks,

I hate doin the bills! I hate doin math! I hate havin to do math! I hate havin to take off my shoes cuz I've got to do math!

I was never good at math in school. No wonder they called em "Math Problems!" I could always count on math givin me trouble every year that I had to learn it. Well, this learn I'm gonna break the streak and go back to school and show that math who's the boss!

I'm excited to take this class and get all learned about the joys of math and be able to use it real life and for recreation.

Math is important and its important that I learn it. We all need too. Not knowin math can be scary. Serioulee! Did you know that five out of three people have trouble with fractions?

Take Care Y'all

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