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November 08, 2017

Hello Everyone!

With autumn here and winter approaching now is a good time to break out the ladder and remove any debris that might be gathering in roof gutters.

With plants and trees expected to shed their leaves, roof gutters which contain too much plant material can be overloaded and produce water problems should a large amount of rain fall in the local area.

Handy Hints Holly
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Handy Hint #1

Run full loads. Always run a full load in your washer or dryer. Running a partial load uses the same amount of energy as a full load – but you get less done. Running full loads allows you to run your washer or dryer less often.
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Handy Hint #2

Lower Your Heat or Turn Down Your AC

It's no mystery that keeping your thermostat in check will help save money. It is estimated that you can save 1% for every degree you adjust up or down.

Three key things to remember:

- Don’t crank your thermostat up or down to heat or cool your home faster—it does not work.

- Change your thermostat temperature setting when you’re away from home for 8+ hours.

- Don’t constantly change the thermostat setting when you’re home—it wastes money.