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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

If you gave birth after your husband crashed the car on the way to the hospital, what would you name the baby?

Ying Shi of San Diego found herself in just such a situation. Her husband, Hongwei Zhang lost control of his vehicle and slammed into several concrete barriers.

He immediately called 911 but he was having difficulty explaining where they were, so he ran into traffic and frantically flagged down a passing car, waving his arms and standing in front of it to get the driver to stop.

Lucky for the couple, the driver was a registered nurse who had just finished her shift and was heading home.

"He was saying, 'My wife, my wife!' The next thing he said was, 'The baby came!'" recalled Dayna Dumont, who works in the emergency department at Scripps Memorial Hospital.

Dumont said the couple's car looked like it was totaled, with both airbags deployed. Inside, in the front seat, Dumont found Ying Shi, a no-longer-pregnant woman. Her baby girl was already out.

After paramedics arrived, Dumont held the baby in place as a medic cut the umbilical cord.

Zhang and Shi didn't want to be interviewed, but issued a statement through the hospital, thanking all those who helped them.

And the name of the baby? Did they name it Crash? Asphalt? Impact?

Nope. They named her Anna.


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*----------- Weaponized Prune Juice -----------*

A husband and wife in Texas were surprised to find a mess in one of their bedrooms. Terry Watkins of Corsicana said that his wife and pets were home when she heard a large explosion. She walked into the bedroom, where she noticed that the fridge's door blew off and prune juice was everywhere. Watkins said that he and his wife have been shopping daily at their neighborhood Brookshire's supermarket for several years. Last month, Watkins bought a bottle of Brookshire's prune juice. The bottle of prune juice was placed inside a mini fridge in the bedroom. The bottle had been opened and about one cup of prune juice was consumed when it suddenly exploded. The explosion blew off the fridge door and scattered prune juice in the bedroom. Watkins filed a complaint with Brookshire's and they offered him a free bottle of prune juice. He rejected the offer because he did not want another 'bomb' in his house, Watkins said. But the real mystery in this story is; who keeps a refrigerator in the bedroom?


*----------- The Dangers of Alcohol -----------*

Casey Lynn Willey, 27, was being removed from the Gainesville, Florida, nightclub by a bouncer when she allegedly struck him with the case of beer. Willey was being removed from the club because she refused to leave after the country music nightclub had closed after 3 a.m. Authorities handcuffed her, but she tried to escape while police conducted an investigation. She also refused to give her name or date of birth, and was violent toward officers. Willey eventually gave authorities the information they needed before aggressively stepping toward an officer. The bouncer did not wish to press charges. Willey was arrested, charged with disorderly conduct (and abuse of alcohol). Fortunately there were no injuries because she hit the bouncer with...wait for it...Lite beer!

*-------------- READER COMMENTS --------------*

The DJ on the local radio station I listen to in the morning (KRTH--in LA) does a 3 bizarre headlines, 2 of which are true and 1 false, used the shot-weenie story as one of their headlines Friday. Of course, it was the first one guessed to be false. You're right, poetic justice! Talk about desperation! -Michelle

LEWIS; For goodness sake while I've no sympathy for this imbecile who shot himself in his penis this story indeed points out that anyone who is incapable of common sense should not be allowed to own a gun. Sticking the loaded pistol into one's waistband with no holster is an accident waiting to happen. Anyone who legally carries a gun should have a holster. -R.S.
[Who said he legally owned it? If you had a criminal record you wouldn't legally be able to own a firearm, but say you could, would you want to use a firearm registered in your own name to commit a crime?]

These kung fu masters who train for decades to be able to smash Walnuts with their biceps, or their testicles, or whatever, don't they know they can buy a nutcracker for about 4 bucks at Home Basics?

*----------- END OF READER COMMENTS ----------*

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