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Looking Good - November 8, 2017

*-- How To Minimize Your Pores --*

Do you have enlarged pores? Read on to find out how you can minimize large pores and smooth your complexion.

1. Consistent Care

Your heredity and skin type could be part of the reason for enlarged pores. Individuals with dry skin tend to have smaller pores, while people with oily skin often have larger pores. Regular cleansing and appropriate moisturizing -- yes, even oily skin needs moisture -- will reduce the appearance of large pores.

A facial cleanser that contains glycolic acid and salicylic acid will help unclog the pores. Choose one that's gentle enough for daily use and wash your face with it morning and night. Adding a toner often helps, too. Toners and astringents are great for clearing away any residue the cleanser might leave behind. Being scrupulous about keeping your face clean is the number one way to reduce the look of large pores since it keeps them unclogged and free of excess oils.

2. Hands Off

Don't ever squeeze pores! Squeezing can cause trauma to the surrounding tissue. You will end up with the same enlarged pores and an ugly red mark.

3. Refine

There are pore-refining creams that can speed up cell regeneration. These topical treatments stimulate cell turnover to bring new layers of skin to the surface faster. They also help keep the pores clean. As the new cells form, the skin takes on a smoother look and over time the pores appear to be noticeably reduced.

4. Makeup

If you wear makeup on a regular basis, choose a lightweight oil-free or oil-control formula. You may notice that your foundation makeup sinks into your pores, causing them to look larger. One easy solution is to apply a face primer before adding your foundation. The primer forms a barrier that gives you a smooth surface and prevents the makeup from migrating into pores and wrinkles.


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