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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

Stunts can be an easy way to get a little quick fame. I mean, look at the career of Johnny Knoxville. But for every instance that it goes right, there are an uncounted number of time that it goes wrong. Like the example in today's story.

A man who wanted to become a famous comedian, thought it would be funny to rob a bank and give away the money while he was naked. However, the only thing 25-year-old Alexander Sperber became famous for is his arrest.

Police in Florida, were called to a bank in Fort Lauderdale, after the young man came in, made a motion with his hand to indicate that he had a gun, and he demanded money. The teller handed Sperber a bag of money that contained $4,700. As soon as he left, a bundle of red dye exploded, leaving stains on his clothes and left wrist.

Sperber then removed all of his clothes and he began running naked in the streets while throwing the money around.

According to court documents, after his arrest, Sperber told FBI agents that when he woke up in morning, he "decided to rob a bank and run naked down the street while throwing the money to people in order to begin his career as a comedian."

Sperber, who graduated from Lehigh University and is getting his master's degree at Florida Atlantic University, has no prior criminal history. He now faces 10 years in prison.


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*---------- Just Like Cool Hand Luke ----------*

Twelve inmates escaped the Walker County Jail in Alabama Sunday night after using peanut butter to cover a door number and trick a young jailer into inadvertently letting them go, Sheriff James Underwood said. The jail break happened about 6:30 p.m. Sunday. The jailer opened a door to the outside thinking it was a cell door, Underwood said, because the number had been covered with peanut butter. "Changing numbers on doors with peanut butter -- It may sound crazy, but these kinds of people are crazy like a fox." Underwood told a news conference. "He thought he was opening the cell door for this man to go in his cell, but in fact he opened up the outside door." The dozen inmates then scaled a 12-foot fence topped with razor wire after walking out. Some were cut and scraped, but none seriously injured. "Escapes happen," Underwood said. "We've got some evil people down here, and they scheme all the time to con us and our employees at the jail. You've got to stay on your toes. This is one time we slipped up. I'm not going to make any excuses." Of the 12, all but one was back in custody by Monday. "I thank the Lord today we have 11 people back in the jail," the sheriff said. Authorities had offered a $500 reward for information leading to the recapture of the last inmate.


*--------- What's With All the Nudity? ---------*

A 34-year-old man was arrested twice for walking naked through downtown Lawrence, a suburb of Kansas City, causing a stir among the shops and restaurants. "Jaws dropped," says Sophie Milstein, a server at a local restaurant. "It was from a movie or something." According to police, Christopher Steven Carlson was first taken into custody at around 2 p.m. Sunday. He was cited for indecent exposure, fined $500 and released. Within minutes, photos started circulating on Snapchat and Facebook. An image of a bearded man walking nude was posted to the Facebook page Lawrence KS Community & Police Scanner. The police were called after a driver with Ground Transportation Services reported that he had taken a 34-year-old man from the Douglas County Jail to downtown. According to a police report, the driver said the man didn't have money to pay his fare, "took off his clothes and left the vehicle." Not everyone who witnessed Carlson's stroll was offended. "Our customers were not alarmed," says Meg Heriford, owner of Ladybird Diner. "It was more like, 'Hey, there's a naked guy.'"

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The threesome on the balcony is Proof that love hurts bhahahaha! --Mary Allan

Comedian Argus Hamilton said he heard that Pepsi is considering a new product with Viagra in it. It will be called 'Mount and Do' -WV Dave

Lewis; This story of "The two women in Germany are in the hospital with broken bones after the threesome with a man went wrong" reminds me of a tragic incident. Years ago in Chicago a group of guys in an apartment on New Years Eve were getting drunk and acting goofy. One of the guys stepped out onto the balcony, grabbed some snow and threw a snowball at one of his buddies. This evolved into an indoor snowball fight that abruptly ended when one guy ran onto the balcony and then slipped and fell over the railing landing head-first on the concrete below. Severely brain damaged he died days later. -R.S.
[If I were going to go I think it would rather be in an orgy rather than a drunk snowball fight.]

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