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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

The two women in Germany are in the hospital with broken bones after the threesome with a man went wrong.

The trio were having sex on a balcony in Bad Breisig, when the incident unfolded. The first woman was leaning on the rail when she suddenly fell 10 feet off the balcony. She suffered broken bones in her legs.

Her friend ran downstairs to help her. While running down in the nude, she slipped and broke bones in her arm and neck.

When emergency workers arrived, the embarrassed man explained what had happened.

According to police, the man in the threesome told them that "during love, there was a quarrel over the position." One of the women leaned against the railing and fell over.

Police said that no charges will be filed as it appears to have been an accident.

The names and ages of the victims "will not be released to spare their embarrassment," police said.


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A New York state sheriff's office said deputies pulled over a "suspicious vehicle" with no doors, no windshield, no license plates and an ax embedded in the roof. The Wyoming County Sheriff's Office said deputies responded to a report of a "suspicious vehicle" and they located the car at a nearby intersection. Deputies noted the car had no doors, no windows, no windshield, no license plates and had an ax sticking out from the roof. "A picture says a thousand words!" the sheriff's office said. Sgt. Colin Reagan reported the driver, Jared Price, 21, "performed poorly" in a field sobriety test and was found to be "impaired by multiple different drug categories." Price was arrested on charges of driving while impaired by drugs, driving while impaired by a combination of drugs and alcohol, driving without license plates, operating an unregistered and uninspected motor vehicle, operating without insurance, lacking a front windshield and driving without safety glass.


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A police officer was surprised to see a robber trying to steal his cruiser while he was sitting inside the vehicle, according to police in Florida. Fort Pierce police said that they have arrested 20-year-old Aaron Rodriguez III, after being accused of getting into the police car and trying to drive it to his home. According to the police investigation, Rodriguez wanted to get to his home, but did not want to walk. He went to the Fort Pierce police station parking lot, and checked for unlocked doors. He approached a police car with an officer inside, opened the door and sat into the cruiser. When the police officer asked what he was doing, Rodriguez ran out of the vehicle, and ran across the parking lot. He then tried to hide behind another police car. Rodriguez was detained, and during a search, a pipe with marijuana residue was found in his pants. Rodriguez has been charged with grand theft of a motor vehicle, loitering and possession of drug equipment.

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Lewis, this just shows what to many "mothers" in the bake sale missed, an opportunity! A photo of the milk source would put sales through the roof. It could have been the 'breast' fun raiser ever. -James

"Pretti Nasti?" Does anyone proofread BN before it's sent out? -Chris
[Does anyone appreciate comedic history anymore?]

Those poor bastards who got burned by their drinks missed a perfect opportunity to say, 'I ordered a BUD light!' I think it would have been worth it just to deliver that line.

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