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Looking Good - August 2, 2017

*-- How to Keep Sweat from Destroying your Summer Look --*

With the hottest part of the summer upon us, it's hard to go outside without sweating off all beauty products. Whether it is hair or make-up.

To help with your cover up, make sure to use a long-lasting formula. Spread the cover-up on while your skin is still dewy with moisturizer. It will help the cover up glide on, go on smoother and more even, making it sweat off less.

To keep your eye shadow on longer, apply with a damp brush. It turns the eye shadow into a glaze and allows it to last longer. Make sure not to use too much water though!

In the summer, only use concealer on the lower part of your eyes. It doesn't cause a pile up all over your face, making it easier for the skin to breathe and less sweating to occur.

If you start to notice sweating, blot your face with a powder foundation. Don't use a brush, use blotting papers or a blotting pad on the areas where sweat is starting.

Make sure to drink lots of water to stay hydrated. It will cause less sweating if you're hydrated inside!

Put your deodorant on at night. It will give your antiperspirant a chance to seal in and start working from the start of your day.

To keep your hair from getting sweaty, once you start to feel sweat on your head, apply dry shampoo or use high absorbing paper towels to dry your hair.

If you're of an active person, change up your shampoo to one for oily hair instead to help alleviate the sweat.

Weatherproof or waterproof mascara will keep your mascara from running on hot days.

On the days when you especially want to keep your make-up on, mix your foundation with a bit of primer. It will seal the foundation on and keep if from running on hot days!

Women spend a lot of time on their make-up and beauty routines and most of the time, it doesn't last as long as it is needed to. With a few of these tips, it could save some time and frustration during the days!


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