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Looking Good - July 26, 2017

*-- Ways to Make Your Eyes Stand Out --*

There are many ways to make your eyes stand out when you're applying makeup. Here are some tips to help make amazing eyes when you're wanting to look your best.

1. If you apply eye cream under your eyes and on your lid, it will allow your makeup to go on smoother.

2. Use a flesh colored liner on the water rim of your lower lash line to make eyes look bigger and brighter.

3. If you press the eye shadow color onto your eyelids with a finger or brush instead of swiping it on, it will give your lids a more pigmented look.

4. Apply a neutral, light shimmery color in the inner corner of your eyes to brighten your whole face.

5. Apply black liner around the entire eye, including the water line to make your eyes stand out more.

6. Change things up once in a while, instead of using a neutral black or brown eye liner, use brighter colors that compliment your eye shadow color for the day.

7. For a dramatic eye, apply darker shadow to the crease of your lid, then a lighter color to the inside of your eye, with a slightly darker color flowing to the far corner of your eye.

8. Apply your concealer after applying the rest of your makeup to cover up any excess makeup mistakes.

9. To sharpen a cat eye, dip a Q-tip in eye makeup remover and erase the offending makeup.

10. Apply highlighter onto your brow bone.

Special Tip: When putting in eye drops after your make up is applied, breathe air in through your nose as you drop them into your eyes. Your tear ducts will suck in the drops before they have a chance to fall down your face.


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