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Looking Good - July 19, 2017

*-- Natural Home Remedies for Stretch Marks --*

- Lavender oil and chamomile oil work as excellent natural home remedies for Stretch Marks. To prepare this natural remedy, mix seven drops of lavender oil, five drops of chamomile and an ounce of jojoba oil, sweet almond oil or any other carrier oil.

- Finally, gently massage the affected area with this mixture to reduce Stretch Marks naturally. Simply applying lavender oil thrice a day on a regular basis also serves as a good Stretch Marks home remedy.

- Applying cocoa butter or natural shea butter on the affected area two times per day is another popular natural cure for Stretch Marks. Follow this remdy on a regular basis to get rid of Stretch Marks during pregnancy.

- Cocoa butter can also be used with one teaspoon each of vitamin E oil, apricot kernel oil, wheat germ oil and two teaspoons of grated beeswax.

- Heat these ingredients along with half a cup of cocoa butter until beeswax melts and store the mixture in the refrigerator. Apply this mixture regularly on Stretch Marks to eliminate them at home.

- Regularly applying aloe vera gel on Stretch Marks is one of the simplest home remedies to get rid of Stretch Marks. Follow this natural treatment until the Stretch Marks fade away.

- Blend a mixture of quarter cup aloe vera gel, half cup virgin olive oil, liquid of four vitamin A capsules and six vitamin E capsules. Apply this mixture regularly to reduce Stretch Marks naturally at home. Store this mixture in refrigerator for future use.

- Application of aroma oils is another therapeutic Stretch Marks natural remedy. However, be careful to choose appropriate oils during pregnancy. Regularly rubbing apricot scrub on the affected area is one of the best natural home remedies for Stretch Marks after pregnancy.

- Cod liver oil and flaxseed oil are also beneficial in the natural treatment of Stretch Marks. A combination of one tablespoon each of wheat germ oil and calendula oil can also be used for Stretch Marks home treatment.

*-- Diet for Stretch Marks --*

Diet, age and skin tone play an important role in facilitating the process of healing Stretch Marks. In this regard, a well balanced nutritious diet with special emphasis on vitamin E and vitamin K is highly beneficial.

Therefore, include judicious amounts of dairy products, soybeans, asparagus, carrots, tomatoes and fresh green vegetables in the diet to help cure Stretch Marks naturally. Plus, regularly consume seeds and nuts containing zinc to help tone the skin and avoid Stretch Marks as far as possible.

In addition, adequate amount of water at regular intervals throughout the day to keep the body hydrated and keep the skin healthy. Moreover, exercise regularly to keep the muscles well toned. Yoga is highly beneficial in making the muscles elastic and toning the skin.


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