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June 27, 2017

Good Morning Groanies,

10dollarsI took a nap over the weekend. I really needed one so I took it. Aren't naps the best?

There's nothing like a nap. A nap can replenish your energy level in such a way that it cannot be duplicated or manufactured in any way, shape, or form.

Gatorade wishes that they could come out with a new flavor like Nectarine Nap or Strawberry-Banana Snooze that could equal a much needed visit from the Sandman, but they can't. And I'll sleep to that.

There's nothing like a nap. Trust me. It's not just for babies anymore.

Groaningly yours,

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*-- Q and A Quickies --*

Q: What do fish take to stay healthy?

A: Vitamin sea!

Q: Can February March?

A: No But April May!
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*-- Confucius Say... --*

Confucius say: "He who neglects to pay his electric bill shall be de-lighted."

Confucius say: "He who works in a darkroom must maintain a negative attitude."

Confucius say: "Woman who gets breast implants is making mountains out of molehills."

Confucius say: "He who breaks wind in church shall sit in his own pew."

*-- More Q and A Quickies --*

Q: Where do you learn to make banana splits?

A: In sundae school.

Q: What did one hair say to the other?

A: It takes two to tangle!

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