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Looking Good - June 28, 2017

*-- Q-tips are good for more than just your ears --*

I came across a very interesting article that gave a lot of different uses for q-tips. Most people just use q-tips for simple things, like cleaning out their ears (which some people say you really shouldn't do), however, there are some very creative uses for this item!

Put two swabs in eye cream and let them sit in the freezer overnight. In the morning, they will help get rid of eye puffiness!

Spray Q-tips with perfume and put them in a baggy for a mid day touch up! Also, it will make you purse smell great!

When traveling, put your favorite eye shadow on q-tips and put them in a bag. This will eliminate bulky eye shadow containers, and the possibility of it crumbling at the bottom of your purse.

Hold your q-tips in an old ibuprofen bottle when traveling (this isn't necessarily a use for q-tips, but a good tip nonetheless!)

Nail Polish remover on a q-tip will remove scuffs on patent leather shoes.

Put make-up remover on a q-tip to fix your messed up eye liner without having to start over (I've tried this one and it works great)

Wipe away tan spots with a q-tip (I'm not sure why you would want to do that, but you can now)

Use a q-tip for perfect contour lines for make-up. Place it along the cheek bone and apply the blush above it!

Put shampoo on a q-tip and rub on a stuck zipper for a quick fix.

Put eye shadow on a q-tip to touch up your roots in between dye jobs (works best for brown or black hair and some unnatural colors than for blonde).

These are just some of the many uses.

Do you have any unconventional uses for q-tips? Let me know!


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