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Looking Good - June 21, 2017

*-- 6 Ways To Know If Your Clothes Need To Go! --*

We all have the clothes that we don't like to give up. We lose weight, we gain weight, we wear them through and we NEVER want to get rid of them! But sometimes we just have to know when it's time to give up the clothes that mean so much to us.

-When your clothes are baggy, it's time to make a change! You can either throw them out or you can get them adjusted! If you can find a tailor, you can save your favorite clothes depending on how bad they are. Some clothes may not be worth saving, but if not, then move on and buy something new! It may be expensive in the long run, but it can give a new perspective to your wardrobe!

-If jackets and shirts develop a "fabric roll" (where the folded-over part of the collar and lapel starts to curl into a rounded shape rather than lying flat) it may be time to get some new ones! Some button-down shirts are actually sold like this, but usually it is old or hasn't been properly cared for. If it's a new problem, it could be ironed or pressed. You can also put in a collar stay to eliminate 95% of the issues. If it's a jacket lapel, you should take it for a professional steaming or ironing.

-Cuff and Collar fraying means that your clothes are starting to fall apart. Broken stitching can be mended relatively easy. Damaged fabric can be hidden easily by folding over the cuff and stitching it into place, but this will shorten the sleeve or leg slightly.

-Clothing that fades or thins can be another problem. When clothing fades, it can be an impossible problem. With fading, unless you bleach it completely and redye the whole thing, the clothing is pretty much garbage. With thinning, the good news is, some tailors can "reweave" a patch of matching fabric onto the spot that is fading.

-Menswear and stains can be a problem as well. A shirt could be bleached, but avoid bleaching too many times because it can make the clothing stiffer and coarser. Do not wear stained shirts under jackets. You want to be able to take off your jacket! Shirts with yellow armpit stains should not be worn, but if you are going to wear them, try to us Deo-Go to remove the stains.

-Clothing can often get holes or tears. If the holes are small enough, you can reweave a small part of fabric to patch the holes as long as they are less than an inch in size. If your clothes tear, unless it is along the seam, it cannot be fixed. If it is along the seam, you can fix it easy, but you have to catch it before it widens.

Extra Tip: Saying Good-Bye to old clothing is never easy but old clothing can be re-purposed to pajamas, rags, work out gear, etc.


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