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Thursday, June 15, 2017

1 Corinthians 14:5-9

I wish you all spoke with tongues, but even more that you prophesied; for he who prophesies is greater that he who speaks with tongues, unless indeed he interprets, that the church may receive edification.

But now, brethren, if I come to you speaking with tongues, what shall I profit you unless I speak to you either by revelation, by knowledge, by prophesying, or by teaching?

...So likewise you, unless you utter by the tongue words easy to understand, how will it be known what is spoken? For you will be speaking into the air.

Greetings Bible Enthusiast!

Can we have any confidence in the things of this world? It seems that the answer is no; it can all be taken away in an instant. But the one thing that can never be taken away is our faith in God, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, who has promised us that He will never leave us or forsake us. It is the one thing that will endure throughout eternity.

We can completely depend upon His promise, knowing that His love and power is stronger than any other force that exists.

God Bless You!

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Q. What foreign king confiscated the treasures of Solomon?

Answer below.



"Absence in love is like water upon fire; a little quickens, but much extinguishes it."

-Hannah More


The Sunday school teacher told the class about Lot being told to take his wife and flee out of the city. "Lot got away, but his wife disobeyed divine orders by looking back and was turned into a pillar of salt." the teacher explained.

One little boy asked, "What happened to the flea?"

--Virginia Bilderback



Q. What foreign king confiscated the treasures of Solomon?

A. Shishak, king of Egypt

So Shishak king of Egypt came up against Jerusalem, and took away the treasures of the house of the Lord and the treasures of the king's house; he took everything.

He also carried away the gold shields which Solomon had made. Then King Rehoboam made bronze shields in the place...

2 Chronicles 12:9-10

How fleeting are the things of this world! Even the seemingly endless riches of Solomon were all taken away so that his son had none.

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