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Looking Good - June 14, 2017

*-- Tips to Keep Your Skin From Drying Out --*

- Wash your hands, body, and face in lukewarm water, not hot water. The hot water dries out the skin instead of helping to keep the moisture in.

- Body Creams or lotions don't actually moisturize your body. They're meant to keep moisture in but don't help with making your skin moist. Use oils first after hand washing and showering, then once that has soaked in, apply lotion over it.

- By exfoliating on a weekly or semi weekly basis will help with dry skin. Also, my dry brushing you skin before showering, your skin will dry out less. Below is a common home recipe for dry brushing.

- Combine 2 parts sugar (or salt) and 1 part oil (any type of oil will work, even oils found in your kitchen), and massage the mixture into your skin in a circular motion. Then, rinse it off in the shower.

- A Humidifier is a good investment. Your skin needs somewhere around 30 percent humidity to keep from drying out. A room heated by a furnace has around 10 percent moisture in the air. Try to keep doors closed at night to keep in the humidity as well.

- Put lotion on your hands and feet before putting on your gloves and leaving the house to help alleviate any dryness caused by harsh winds. Also, to keep from getting dry cracked heels, lather your feet with a thick moisturizer and cover them with a pair of socks to sleep in.

- When washing your face or body, try to use a moisturizing soap or scrub. Also, if possible, try to avoid washing your face in tap water, as I contains harsh chemicals that will cause your face to dry out faster.

- And, most importantly, stay out of hot tubs. They contain hot water, which is bad for the skin, as well as chemicals that can cause your skin to dry out even after leaving the hot tub.


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