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Looking Good - June 5, 2017

*-- How Long Is Make-up Really Good For? --*

Did you know that beauty products have a shelf life, just like any other items you buy? At best, once they have reached their shelf life, they just don't work as effectively. At worst, expired make-up can cause irritation and infection.

If make-up is sealed and in room temperature, it can last for years. However, once it is opened, air hits it and it starts to oxidize and degrade. Not to mention, every time you touch your make-up or a brush that wasn't cleaned after last use touches the make-up, germs are transferred to the make-up and then subsequently your face. Heat and humidity are a factor as well, which is why storing make-p in a bathroom isn't always the best idea. A cool, dry linen closet is a better place.

Here are the shelf lives for the make-up we all may use on a daily basis:

Face Make-up (also known as Foundation):
The standard time for Liquid Foundation is 6 months and Powder Foundation is 2 years.

Liquid foundation becomes streaky and inconsistent when it is going bad. The oil will rise to the top as well.

Powder foundation is less of an issue because it is not a wet product, but over time it can become harder to blend and will crumble.

The standard time for Mascara is 3 months.

A mascara tube is a dark, wet environment, which we all know is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. The preservatives only work for so long. After 3 months it becomes chalky and powdery.

Also, the lengthening or thickening fibers in them often separate from the fluid so it doesn't go on smooth. To avoid the mascara from going bad quicker, never pump your wand. That pushes air into the tube, causing it to dry out faster. Instead, draw out the wand slowly and twist to pick up the product in the tube.

Eyeliner and Eye shadow:
The standard time for Liquid Eyeliner is 3 months. Cream Eye shadow is 6 months. Pencil Eye Liners and Powder Eye shadow is 2 years.

Pencil Eye liners can last for 6 months due to it being constantly sharpened, giving a fresh surface to work with.
Powder Eye shadow is the same as Powder Foundation.

Liquid Eye Liner is more susceptible to bacteria because it is a wet product. Same with Cream Eye shadow.

If you wet powder eye shadow, it needs to be tossed after 6 months as well.

Lipstick and Lip liner:
The Standard time for Lipstick and Lip gloss is 2 years. Lip liner is 2 or more years.

Lipsticks' water content makes them prone to bacteria. They also dry out with age. Long wearing formulas may have an even shorter span because they often contain ingredients that evaporate more quickly than creamier formulas.

Pencil Lip liners last longer because putting it through a sharpener removes the old surfaces.

So, if you have a bunch of make-up sitting around, go through it. See if you can remember when you bought it and see if it has any of these issues!


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