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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

A police officer was shocked to see a mother holding her son on her lap and forcing him to steer her car on a highway, according to police in Wisconsin.

Milwaukee police said that the 37-year-old woman is facing multiple charges, including driving under the influence and child endangerment, after being accused driving drunk with her 8-year-old son on her lap while the child was steering the car.

Since this is the woman's third drunk driving offense, she was charged with 2nd degree reckless endangering safety; operating after revocation - OWI related; and interlock ignition device violation.

37-year-old Carrie L. Bernard was booked into jail, and her son was handed over to Child Protective Services.

According to the criminal complaint, a deputy noticed a woman driving with a boy on her lap on state Highway 145 around 2:30 p.m. Prime drinkin' time.

The officer pulled the vehicle over, and noticed that Bernard was under the influence. The 8-year-old boy was crying, saying that he did not want to go to jail.

Bernard refused to cooperate until a supervisor arrived on the scene. Bernard then failed multiple field sobriety tests. A dog was also recovered from the car.


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The Lincoln Tunnel became the tunnel of self-love when a man high on PCP blocked traffic with his minivan to take time to pleasure himself, officials said. Port Authority police arrested Ismael Esquilin, 48, of Passaic, N.J. when his Dodge minivan was found stopped in the middle of the New Jersey-bound side of the Hudson River tunnel, holding up traffic. When cops approached the car, they found Esquilin removing his clothes and "performing a lewd act," a Port Authority spokesman said. The idling minivan was running and the keys were in the ignition. Cops also found a glass pipe and small glass bottles containing PCP on the passenger seat floor. After cops covered Esquilin with a blanket he admitted that he had smoked PCP.


*--- Who the Hell Eats Mexican Potato Chips? ---*

The Texas Department of Public Safety seized $19 million worth of cocaine found hidden in a shipment of Mexican potato chips. DPS Special Agents investigated "several indicators of criminal activity" at a Hidalgo County warehouse to discover boxes containing 133 packages of cocaine, weighing 323 pounds. "DPS arrested Jesus Salvador Gonzalez-Mendoza, 25, Hernan Halil Mena-Real, 26, both of Jalisco, Mexico, on federal drug charges. Both suspects were transported and booked into the San Juan Police Department jail," the department said. Investigators questioned a truck driver seen leaving the warehouse. "She refused to transport the load because she believed that the target warehouse was not a legitimate company and had the pallets removed from the truck tractor/trailer," agents said in the criminal report. Investigators then returned to the warehouse and broke down every pallet and box on the property until they discovered the drugs.

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Lewis, You probably will get a lot of replies the alligator story. The girl did not pry open the jaws which is almost impossible to do. She got free by sticking her fingers in the alligators nostrils as she had been instructed previously. How she did not panic is amazing.
[Huh! That's exactly how I get my wife to open her mouth for certain things.]

Lewis, I understand the gator that bites a 10-yr old girl got the munchies, but swimming in "Mary-Jane" in Florida, are they sure she wasn't having illusions? -James

What did they do with the alligator after they trapped it. Just curious. Love your column. -Lorene
[Designer alligator handbags go for as much as 3,000 dollars. Do the math.]

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