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Where Are They Now - Friday, May 12, 2017

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Loni Anderson rose to fame playing the role of Jennifer Marlowe on WKRP in Cincinnati, and for her high-profile marriage to Burt Reynolds that was followed by a nasty divorce. How has she been keeping busy over the years since then? Well, find out here!

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See if you know if the following celebrities have had a visit from the "Grim Reaper":

Jean Renoir: French director of films such as "La Grande Illusion" and "Le Crime de Monsieur Lange"

Jay Ward: Producer of several well-known animated TV series, "The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle", "George of the Jungle", "The Dudley Do-Right Show"

Wim Wenders: German director, "Paris, Texas", "The Wings of Desire"

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Loni Anderson

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BIRTH DATE: August 5, 1945, Saint Paul, Minnesota

CLAIM TO FAME: She is best known for her role as receptionist Jennifer Marlowe on WKRP in Cincinnati.

FAMILY LIFE: Anderson was married to Bruce Hasselberg from 1964-1966, Ross Bickell from 1973-1981, actor (and one-time co-star) Burt Reynolds from 1988-1993, and she has been married to musician Bob Flick since 2008. She has a daughter, Deidra Hoffman, from her first marriage to Bruce Hasselberg, and a son, Quinton Anderson Reynolds (born August 31, 1988), whom she and Burt Reynolds adopted.

INFO: Anderson had small roles on such shows as S.W.A.T., Police Woman, Barnaby Jones, and Three's Company before securing the role of Jennifer on WKRP in Cincinnati.

Her sexy status led to a bunch of TV movie roles, including playing tragic Hollywood sex sirens Jayne Mansfield in The Jayne Mansfield Story (1980), and Thelma Todd in White Hot: The Mysterious Murder of Thelma Todd (1991).

She paired up with Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter in the series Partners in Crime, which did not meet with much sucess. She also starred in the short-lived series Easy Street (1986) as a Law Vegas showgirl who inherits a bunch of money.

Loni tried her hand in feature films, which is where she met her future husband Burt Reynolds.

TRIVIA: Her pinup photo in a bikini became one of the bestselling wall posters of the 1970s.

Is currently a practicing Lutheran.

Was voted Valentine Queen of Valentine's Day Winter Formal when she was a high school senior at Alexander Ramsey Senior High School in Roseville, MN.

Her father was originally going to name her "Leiloni," but then realized to his horror that when she got to her teen years it was liable to be twisted into "Lay Loni."

Is the daughter of Maxine Hazel , a model, and Klaydon Carl "Andy" Anderson, an environmental chemist.

Won a bunch of local beauty pageants as a teenager.

Owns a massive collection of Snow White miniatures and other Disney memorabilia.

Is of Swedish descent.

Is a natural brunette.

WHERE IS SHE NOW: It's been years since Loni has appeared in sitcoms and series guest spots. Most recently, she played has portrayed Nana Lyle on the hit ABC Family series Baby Daddy.


2016 Baby Daddy (TV Series)...Nana Lyle

2016 My Sister Is So Gay (TV Series)...Frances
- No Walls
- Thinning the Herd
- Pretend I'm Not Here
- Pillow Talk
- The Essentials
- Old Nuts

2010 The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (TV series)...Jay's Mom (segment "Cop 'n Kitty")
Episode #19.5 (2010)

2006 So noTORIous (TV series)...Kiki Spelling / Kiki Spellman

2003-2004 The Mullets (TV series)...Mandi Mullet-Heidecker

2001 Three Sisters (TV series)...Janet
Mother's Day

1999 V.I.P. (TV series)...Carol Irons
Stop or Val's Mom Will Shoot

1999 Movie Stars (TV series)...Audrey Wyatt
Mothers & Brothers

1998 A Night at the Roxbury...Barbara Butabi

1998 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain...Medusa

1998 Fast Track (TV series)
Good Old Days (1998)

1998 Clueless (TV series)...Barbara Collier
Labor of Love

1997 Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (TV series)...Racine
Witch Trash

1996 Melrose Place (TV series)...Teri Carson
Melrose Unglued
True Fibs
What Comes Up, Must Come Down

1995 Deadly Family Secrets (TV movie)...Martha

1995 Burke's Law (TV series)...Claudia Loring
Who Killed the Highest Bidder?

1994 Without Warning (TV movie)...Actress in opening movie egment (uncredited)

1994 Gambler V: Playing for Keeps (TV movie)...Fanny Porter

1993-1994 Nurses (TV series)...Casey MacAfee

1993 Empty Nest (TV series)...Casey MacAfee
Mother Dearest
Bye-Bye, Baby... Hello: Part 1

1992 Munchie...Cathy Dobson

1992 The Price She Paid (TV movie)...Lacey

1991-1992 The New WKRP in Cincinnati (TV series)...Jennifer Marlowe
Jennifer and the Prince
Where Are We Going?

1991 White Hot: The Mysterious Murder of Thelma Todd (TV movie)...Thelma Todd

1990 Coins in the Fountain (TV movie)...Leah

1990 B.L. Stryker (TV series)...Dawn StClaire
Grand Theft Hotel

1990 Blown Away (TV movie)...Lauren

1989 All Dogs Go to Heaven...Flo (voice)

1989 Blondie & Dagwood: Second Wedding Workout (TV movie)...Blondie Bumstead (voice)

1989 Sorry, Wrong Number (TV movie)...Madeleine Stevenson

1988 Too Good to Be True (TV movie)...Ellen Berent

1988 A Whisper Kills (TV movie)...Liz Bartlett

1988 Necessity (TV movie)...Lauren LaSalle

1987 Blondie & Dagwood (TV movie)...Blondie Bumstead (voice)

1986-1987 Easy Street (TV series)...L.K. McGuire

1986 Stranded (TV movie)...Stacy Tweed

1985 A Letter to Three Wives (TV movie)...Lora Mae Holloway

1985 Amazing Stories (TV series)...Love
Guilt Trip

1984 Partners in Crime (TV series)...Sydney Kovak

1984 My Mother's Secret Life (TV movie)...Ellen Blake

1983 Stroker Ace...Pembrook Feeney

1982 Country Gold (TV movie)...Mollie Dean Purcell

1978-1982 WKRP in Cincinnati (TV series)...Jennifer Elizabeth Marlowe

1981 Sizzle (TV movie)...Julie Davis

1980 Fantasy Island (TV series)...Kim Holland
The Love Doctor/Pleasure Palace/Possessed

1977-1980 The Love Boat (TV series)...Kitty Fields / Barbie / Kim

1980 The Jayne Mansfield Story (TV movie)...Jayne Mansfield

1980 Siegfried and Roy (TV movie)...Guest

1978 Three's Company (TV series)...Susan Walters
Coffee, Tea, or Jack

1978 The Incredible Hulk (TV series)...Sheila Cantrell
Of Guilt, Models and Murder

1978 Three on a Date (TV movie)...Angela Ross

1977 The Bob Newhart Show (TV series)...Leslie Greely
Carlin's New Suit

1977 The Magnificent Magical Magnet of Santa Mesa (TV movie)...Mrs. Daroon

1976 The McLean Stevenson Show (TV series)...Mrs. Swenson
Going My Way

1976 Barnaby Jones (TV series)...Dee Dee Danvers / Joanna Morgan
Sins of Thy Father
Deadly Reunion

1976 Vigilante Force...Peaches (uncredited)

1975 Police Woman (TV series)...Waitress
Farewell, Mary Jane

1975 Phyllis (TV series)...Rita
The First Date

1975 Harry O (TV series)...Linzy
Lester Two

1975 The Invisible Man (TV series)...Andrea Hanover
Man of Influence

1975 S.W.A.T. (TV series)...Miss Texas
The Steel-Plated Security Blanket

1966 Nevada Smith...Brunette Saloon Girl (uncredited)

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--Answers to DEAD OR ALIVE--

Jean Renoir - DEAD (Heart failure)
Born: 09/15/1894 Died: 02/12/1979

Jay Ward - DEAD (Cancer)
Born: 09/20/1920 Died: 10/12/1989

Wim Wenders - ALIVE
Born: 08/14/1945



Eunan Blake, Irish footballer (Derry City).
Michael Parks, 77, American actor (Twin Peaks, From Dusk Till Dawn, Kill Bill).
Nelson Xavier, 75, Brazilian actor (The Guns, A Queda), lung disease.

Brian James Barnes, 85, Australian-born Papuan Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Aitape (1987-1997) and Archbishop of Port Moresby (1997-2008).
Christopher Boykin, 45, American entertainer and musician (Rob & Big), heart attack.
John Kivela, 47, American politician, member of the Michigan House of Representatives (since 2013), suicide.
Robert Miles, 47, Italian electronic dance musician and record producer.
Arthur Moulin, 92, French politician, member of the National Assembly (1958-1973) and Senate (1983-1992).
Qian Qichen, 89, Chinese diplomat, Foreign Minister (1988-1998) and Vice Premier (1993-2003).
Edward Lunn Young, 96, American politician, member of the U.S. House of Representatives from South Carolina's 6th congressional district (1973-1975).

George Irvine, 69, American basketball player (Virginia Squires) and coach (Indiana Pacers, Detroit Pistons), cancer.
Allan H. Meltzer, 89, American economist.
J. David Molson, 88, Canadian business executive (Molson Brewery), president of the Montreal Canadiens (1964-1972).
Bob Owens, 46, American writer and editor, suicide by gunshot.
Dave Pell, 92, American jazz musician.
Lou Richards, 94, Australian footballer (Collingwood).
Mary Tsoni, 30, Greek actress and singer (Dogtooth).

Yoshimitsu Banno, 86, Japanese director, cameraman and writer (Godzilla vs. Hedorah, Throne of Blood, Prophecies of Nostradamus).
Levon Panos Dabagyan, 83, Turkish writer.
Eivind Eckbo, 89, Norwegian politician, leader of Anders Lange's Party (1974-1975).
Peter T. Flawn, 91, American geologist and educator, President of University of Texas at Austin (1979-1985, 1997-1998).
Gran Apache, 58, Mexican professional wrestler (AAA), intestinal cancer.
Eduard Gutiérrez (es), 21, Colombian footballer (Atlético Huila), traffic collision.
Elon Lages Lima, 87, Brazilian mathematician.
Rod Monroe, 40, American football player (Cleveland Browns, Atlanta Falcons).
Chuck Orsborn, 99, American college basketball coach and athletic administrator (Bradley Braves).
Gholamreza Pahlavi, 93, Iranian prince.
Svend Wam, 71, Norwegian director (Lasse & Geir).
Thomas A. White, 85, Irish Roman Catholic prelate, Apostolic Nuncio (1978-1996).
Wu Wenjun, 97, Chinese mathematician and academician.

Youssef Anis Abi-Aad, 77, Syrian Maronite hierarch, Archbishop of Aleppo (1997-2013).
Tony Conwell, 85, English footballer (Derby County, Huddersfield Town, Doncaster Rovers).
Steven Holcomb, 37, American bobsledder, Olympic champion (2010), pulmonary edema.
Val Jellay, 89, Australian actress (The Flying Doctors, Prisoner, Homicide), pneumonia.
Rais Khan, 77, Pakistani sitarist.
Peter Noble, 72, English footballer (Swindon Town, Burnley).
Peng Shaoyi, 99, Chinese physical chemist.
Min Bahadur Sherchan, 85, Nepalese mountaineer, suspected heart attack.
Hugh Thomas, Baron Thomas of Swynnerton, 85, British historian and life peer.
Jack Tilton, American art dealer, cancer.
Yves Velan, 91, French-born Swiss writer.

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