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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

A company filed a workers compensation claim with their insurance company over an incident that hurt their employee.

The company said that while Sheyla White was working for them at the Cinque Terre Energy Partners in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a sprinkler fell on her, causing injury to her forehead.

The insurance company became suspicious of her claim and they contacted police.

During their investigation, the Florida's Division of Investigative and Forensic Services requested to review security footage of the incident.

White had claimed that the metal sprinkler fell from the ceiling, bounced off her desk and struck her in the head. The video proved that the sprinkler fell from the ceiling and landed on her desk, but it did not bounce back.

Instead, the video showed White taking the sprinkler, looking around and hitting herself with the piece of metal.

White did not get any money. Instead, she was arrested and convicted of insurance fraud. She faced 5 years in prison, but was sentenced to 18 months of probation instead.


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A 10-year-old Florida girl pried open the jaws of a 9-foot alligator that latched onto her leg while she was swimming, investigators said. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's report of the incident said the girl and four family members were among about a dozen people swimming in Lake Mary Jane in Orange County when an alligator attacked. The alligator bit down on the girl's calf and knee, but she was able to get free by prying its jaws open, the report said. A lifeguard on duty assisted the girl and her injuries, which were described as non-life-threatening, were treated at the scene before her family drove her to the hospital. The alligatorwas trapped shortly after the incident, but Matt Suedmeyer, the manager of Orange County Parks and Recreation said the waterfront will remain closed this week out of "an abundance of caution."


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A man was admitted to a hospital after shooting himself in a very sensitive area. According to Toledo police, they got a call after Murad Hamedallah was heard screaming that he had been shot while getting out of his car. The caller told police he watched Hamedallah walk towards a garbage can on Manhattan before eventually falling to the ground. When crews arrived, they found Hamedallah with a single gunshot wound that went through his penis and right thigh. Police found a bullet hole in his driver's seat; the gun was found behind the garbage can. Hamedallah was taken to St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo for serious injuries. He's expected to be okay.

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Lewis, Greed and Gluttony are both on the list of Seven Deadly Sins. Guess the lady who swallow'd all those bills didn't believe it--or hadn't heard. My hubby and I have gotten in2 arguments on occasion but gee--I don't think even I could stomach swallowing that much! -Lily
[I bet you can swallow more than you're willing to admit to.]

The doctor said some of the hundred dollar bills she ate "were advanced into the colon and were expelled in a normal way."" Really puts the fuller meaning to the term "filthy lucre" doesn't it. -Tom.

I wonder if the Customs officials had found cocaine on her would they have called it crack cocaine? -Keith

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