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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

If your house was burning down and you could save one thing inside it; what would it be?

One South Dakota man was faced with just such a decision, and he chose: beer.

And he was put in jail for it, too. Sioux Falls police said that they have arrested 56-year-old Michael Casteel, after he obstructed the work of firefighters.

According to the police investigation, after a fire broke out Casteel's building, firefighters and police were evacuating and treating the wounded. That is when Casteel insisted on going back into his apartment to get some beer.

Firefighters told him that he cannot enter the building as it was too dangerous. Casteel pushed police officers aside and entered the building. A few minutes later, he emerged from the building with two cans of beer. But Casteel did not get a chance to drink his beer as he was immediately arrested by police.

The Sioux Falls Police Department wrote on Twitter: "This incredibly poor judgement could have put many responders at risk. It is not advisable to push past police and firefighters in an attempt to save your beer."

Casteel has been charged with one count of obstructing a firefighter or law enforcement official. His bail has been set at $300.

And to add insult to injury, the beer he went back into a burning building to rescue? Bud Ice


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*- Boy, 12, Stopped Trying to Escape Australia -*

Police in Australia said a 12-year-old boy managed to drive 800 miles across the country before he was stopped by suspicious officers. New South Wales police said officers pulled over a vehicle on the Barrier Highway because its bumper was dragging on the ground. Police said the boy was trying to drive from Kendall, New South Wales, to Perth, Western Australia, a total distance of 2,485 miles. Investigators said he had made it about 800 miles before he was caught. The boy was stopped and taken to the local police station. The investigation is ongoing, police said. Well, Australia is (or was) a prison after all.


*----- Some People Have All The Luck -----*

A Washington state man who won a $1,000 prize years ago said he scratched off his $50,000 ticket at the same store and showed it to the same cashier. Washington's Lottery said the Bellingham man purchased his $40 Million Mega Multiplier scratch-off ticket recently from a supermarket in Bellingham and he decided to scratch the ticket in the store's parking lot. "I scratched my ticket in the parking lot of the grocery store and when I saw it was a winner, I immediately went back inside to check with a cashier," the man said. "When I walked up to the register, I realized the clerk was the same woman who confirmed my last big lottery win years ago!" The man said the woman had been working a few years ago when he asked her to check a ticket that turned out to be a $1,000 winner.

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Lewis, that story about the iceberg running ashore off Newfoundland reminds me of the movie Rapa Nui with Jason Scott Lee. The same thing happened in that movie, except in the movie they thought it was a sign from God.
[The iceberg in Newfoundland is a sign from God that we're destroying the Earth with greenhouse gases.]

What is the world coming to when you can't trust a prostitute not to take incriminating photos of you and then use them to blackmail you? Back in my day there was a prostitute/client privilege similar to what a person can expect from their doctor or lawyer. It's a damned shame is what it is.

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