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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Hello Animal Lovers,

I love mixing animals and music together - if you havent subscribed yet, I also write for Music History Video publication on GopherCentral. I go through classics, covers, and popular music of today. Sometimes I find a cool video of an animal doing something musical, but it doesnt quite fit in with the other newsletter!

This is the perfect place for todays video - a beagle playing piano and singing along. This rescue dog, named Buddy, paws at keys on a piano and gives a sorrowful howl after each note! Its adorable.

Oh, and congrats April the giraffe! I see your healthy baby boy is adorable as expected.

Pleasant Watching,

Featured Video:
Buddy Sings The Blues
This beagle struck a chord with my heart (and on the piano).

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Giraffe Hams it Up On The News
This newscaster doesnt really get much accomplished as a pushy giraffe attempts to steal the show.

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