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Phunny Pictures - April 15, 2017

Howdy Folks,

I did a stupid thing the other day. I thought it would be cool to get my truck painted camoflage just to help enjoy the springtime more, ya no, when the forest is a bloomin'.

It looks really cool, but there is a problem. When I get out of the truck and walk several feet from the vehicle it blends into the tree line and then I can't find it unless I bump into it or birds crap on it. It's like one of those magic eye picture things.

Now when the wife gets mad at me she threatens to paint the trailer camo just so I can't find it. I need to start thinkin things thru or start gettin some reflecters and some neon paint.

Take Care Y'all

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It's the sweetest litter of pups ever!

Ya, me and the cake mixer got drunk one night.

I'm kinda their God now.

Very sweet, just like me!

I hope you like them because I had a ruff time making them.

His bake is better than his bite.

Just fur you, ca-nine cupcakes.

The cloning project is coming along just fine.

Will the real puppy please eat up.

Those puppies look so sweet! Hey, wait a second....

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