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Phunny Pictures - February 18, 2017

Howdy Folks,

The other day some of my co-workers was makin phun of country music. I love country music and I love western music too. There is no other music like it. And they have the best titles fer songs more than any other music genre that i know.

Just check out my ten favorite country music song titles of all times. I will admit that a few of 'em are rare or obscure and they are probably gonna be new to y'all. Try these on for size.

1. She Only Puts in Her Teeth for Church
2. Mama Keeps Her Weed in Her Hollowed-Out Leg
3. She Gave Birth at the Prom
4. You Look as Beautiful as the Day I Shot You
5. The Way to a Man's Heart (Is Thru His Zipper)
6. I Remember Those Boobs
7. I Don't Care If We're Relate 'Cuz It's Luv
8. The Best 12 Seconds
9. Tractor-Pull of Love
10. I Taught the Dog to Drive (So I Could Sratch Myself in 2 Places)

Those are some good ol' toe tappin tune titles if i do say so myself.

Take Care Y'all

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I guess they'll put anything on tacos nowadays

I said I wanted it with catsup!

Ready for a CATNAP

No, this is NOT cute on me!

You have heard of a "hot dog" I am a "taco cat"

I know Halloween is over but I JUST look so cute in this!!!!!

Okay, I know cats can get into the food, but this is ridiculous.

Is it "Taco Tuesday" yet??

Can't spell taco without cat

I'm not just cute. I'm delicious!

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