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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Greetings Thrifty Friends,

Despite all of the environmental education out there (or propaganda as some people like to call it) US bottled water sales continue to grow, and the trash from tossed containers is growing too.

The irony is that the United States has some of the best public water supplies in the world. Not only that, but bottled water sold in the United States is not necessarily any cleaner or safer than most tap water.

Yet the public still consumes billions of gallons of water a year in individual-sized bottles. Do we really need all that bottled water?

Scroll down for some simple tips to help curb your bottled water addiction...

Keep pinchin' those pennies,

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* There is nothing evil about bottled water. Sometimes it is just more convenient to buy a bottle of water than spend time looking for a water fountain. But do you really have to buy two or three brand new individual bottles a day? Whenever I buy a bottle of water I try to save the bottle, if it is convenient, and re-fill it with tap water. I almost always have a few bottles of ice cold water in my fridge that I haven't paid a cent for, and it's just as easy to bring one with me in the car in the morning or to the gym at night as it is to buy a bottle while I'm out.

* Tap water tastes funny to you? Install a water filter on your sink at home. A faucet mounted water filter can be as cheap as $40 and will remove 96-99 percent of chlorine, 92-99 percent of lead, and between 95-99 percent of at least a half dozen other chemicals and impurities from your tap water. And you will be paying pennies for a bottle versus a dollar-fifty or two dollars at the store!

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