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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Greetings Thrifty Friends,

Thanksgiving is over. That means it's time for the pumpkins and corn stalks to come down and the Christmas decorations to go up. But like everything else, decorating can get very expensive if you're not careful. A single string of 150 outdoor lights can cost anywhere from $22 to $50!

But you can dazzle the entire front of your house with a multi-color laser light show for $29.99 with the Light Burst Rotating Laser Light Projector.

This powerful laser light show comes with a tripod and a stake, so you can stand it up on the floor or a tabletop, or stake it in your yard facing your house. You will be amazed at how bright and sharp the colored lasers show up on the surfaces you aim them at. The projector attaches to both mounts with a tilting neck that can be locked in place. You angle it where you want it!

There are nine different lighting modes, using Red and Green lasers; the most common laser colors and just the right accents for Christmas. Plus, you don't have to string up any lights!

Already these are sold out in many stores.

Click the link to watch a video of the laser lights in action or to order your now

Please scroll down for a few more thrifty decorating tips.

Keep pinchin' those pennies,

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Salvaged Materials

If you ever get gifts wrapped in fancy ribbon, always save it! You can use it on in next year's Christmas display. Tie up a wreath, or wrap it around a bowl full of candy canes. Or if you can't think of anything else creative to do with it, tie up presents with it.

Make your own, natural outdoor and indoor decorations

Cut some lengths of it from trees around your home if able. If not, a brief stroll through your local forest preserve should produce the material you need, or ask friends or neighbors if you may walk their wooded property in search of it.

Use greens such as those from freshly cut Pine or other evergreens to make wreaths or decorative sheaves. Use sprigs of Holly or other red berry producing shrubs to add color and contrast. Don't forget to tie it all together with some of that cloth ribbon you saved.

Start thinking about decorating on December 26th

After Christmas sales are the best time to grab Christmas decor for as much as 90 percent off. A little bit of foresight the day or two after Christmas will earn you huge discounts on everything from wrapping paper and lights to tree stands and aprons.

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