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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hello Animal Lovers,

Todays video is an interesting one - ever wonder what your dog is up to while youre gone? This German Shepherds owners strapped a GoPro video camera to his back while they were out. To be honest its a little depressing watching the dog go back and forth looking for company, but boy is he happy when they return!

Its probably a good idea to leave the TV or radio on if youre going to be gone a while, since these dogs need some stimulation. Im sure his owners looked at the footage and thought the same thing! Its really fun to see the dogs point of view for these shots and all the favorite spots he hangs out in.

Pleasant Watching,

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Leaving a Dog Home Alone
Its the real life of pets - when youre not around! All filmed on a GoPro from the dogs point of view.

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