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Saturday, Aug 27, 2016

Hello Music lovers,

Sami Elu is a multi-instrumentalist musician who also happens to make his own tools and instruments. Living in Tokyo, he stumbled on an old broken down piano and gutted it to make a customized music machine. Playing with every limb, he uses a chopstick of all things in one hand for the main melody! There’s a gong, traditional piano elements and plucking aspect to the music.

He composed this song, an ethreal tune called For My People. Its incredibly unique and shot beautifully for this video.

Pleasant Watching,
Featured Video:
Chopstick Piano Made by Sami Elu
Tokyo-based composer, musician and instrument maker performs his original tune, For My People.

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Last Weeks Video:
Harry McClintock - Big Rock Candy Mountain
This traditional Folk song by Harry McClintock has a cute animated video made by Ian Kenny.

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