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July 26, 2011


I suppose this time was inevitable, but DVD's are slipping slowly into the same exile as VHS tapes. Low subscription numbers have dictated that we discontinue this publication. This will be the last issue of 'What is New on DVD,' but there is hope! Many subscribers to Gophercentral eZines enjoy our Deal newsletters, and now you can too. The mailing list for this publication will be combined with our DVD Deals newsletter, where you can find great deals on all sorts of DVD's (for those of you still loyally committed to the medium).

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'Dylan Dog: Dead of Night' DVD

Dylan Dog is a quirky private investigator specializing in paranormal cases. He began life in an Italian comic book series which eventually came to be published in several languages, including English. In the movie, which mixes comedy, horror and film noir, Dylan Dog is played by Brandon Routh, and the setting is New Orleans. He takes on a murder case involving a good-looking young blonde (Anita Briem), and along the way Dylan's wisecracking sidekick (Sam Huntington) gets turned into a zombie. Peter Stormare plays a werewolf, and Taye Diggs plays the vampire owner of a nightclub.

'Source Code' DVD

Jake Gyllenhaal stars in this sci-fi thriller. Colter Stevens (Gyllenhaal) remembers himself flying a helicopter in Afghanistan. But now he's sitting on a train with an attractive woman (Michelle Monaghan), and ID in his wallet identifies him as a teacher named Sean Fentress. The train blows up, and Stevens finds himself in a contraption, talking via video connection to an Air Force officer (Vera Farmiga), and behind her is the mysterious Dr. Rutledge (Jeffrey Wright). In the movie, Stevens goes through variations of eight minutes on the train half a dozen times, and it's gradually revealed what is going on.

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