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July 12, 2011


Action, adventure, sci-fi horror... whatever you're into,
this week's releases are sure to satisfy. There are four
big titles this week including 'The Lincoln Lawyer' with
Matthew McConaughey and the animated hit 'Rango' featuring the charismatic voice of Johnny Depp. Also, be sure to check out clips for all of this week's DVD releases!

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'Insidious' DVD

Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne star in this haunted-house
movie. The director and writer are the same pair who did
Saw, but this time around they go for psychological horror
rather than gore. Josh Lambert (Wilson) and his wife Renai
(Byrne) move into a new house, and soon their son goes into a coma that lasts for months. We hear weird noises and see creepy things, and the Lamberts hire a psychic, who brings in two goofy ghostbusters. Spooky apparitions are seen, and even though explanations are offered, the film is at times unsettling. Barbara Hershey plays Josh's mother.

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'The Lincoln Lawyer' DVD

Adapted from the Michael Connelly novel, this legal thriller stars Matthew McConaughey. Mick Haller (McConaughey) is a Los Angeles defense attorney who doesn't have an office, instead working out of a car, a Lincoln chauffeured by a former client. He's usually on the opposite side of the law from his ex-wife (Marisa Tomei), who is a prosecutor. Mick gets the case of Louis Roulet (Ryan Phillippe), a wealthy playboy accused of beating up a prostitute, and the lawyer and his private investigator (William H. Macy) go to work on the defense. But things are more complicated than they first seem.

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'Arthur' DVD

Russell Brand, Helen Mirren and Greta Gerwig star in this comedy, a remake of a 1981 film of the same name that had Dudley Moore, John Gielgud and Liza Minnelli in the corresponding roles. Arthur (Brand) is a billionaire playboy who drinks way too much, and his mom, who controls the purse strings, threatens to cut off his money if he doesn't marry Susan (Jennifer Garner). But Arthur has fallen for Naomi (Gerwig), a tour guide with a sunny personality. Mirren plays Arthur's former nanny and current confidante. Also in the movie are Geraldine James, Nick Nolte and Luis Guzm�n.

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'Rango' DVD

The first animated film from Industrial Light and Magic, this is a comedy Western. The hero is a pet chameleon (voice of Johnny Depp), who accidentally ends up stranded in a desert. He meets an iguana (voice of Isla Fisher), who leads him to the town of Dirt, populated by desert critters. The mayor (voice of Ned Beatty) is a turtle, and the villain is a rattlesnake (voice of Bill Nighy). The chameleon starts calling himself Rango, manages to get himself appointed sheriff, and sets out to get to the bottom of the town's water problem. Adult viewers will enjoy identifying the many references to famous films.

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