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Click here to read the most OUTRAGEOUS, most BIZARRE, and most SCANDALOUS stories on the internet! ------------------------------------------------------------ May 3, 2011 Greetings, The action comedy starring Seth Rogan, 'The Green Hornet', can be found on DVD this week. The film gives a fresh twist to a classic story line; check out the selected clip below the description. Watch It Now, Anisa Remember for video clips on all kinds of DVDs and other stuff, visit our site at: ----- 'The Dilemma' DVD Vince Vaughn and Kevin James are paired in this bromantic dramedy directed by Ron Howard. Ronny (Vaughn) and Nick (James) are longtime friends and partners in an automotive design business in Chicago. Nick has a wife (Winona Ryder), while Ronny is thinking of marrying his girlfriend (Jennifer Connelly). As an important business deadline approaches, Ronny happens to catch Nick's wife behaving romantically with a hunky guy (Channing Tatum). Thus, Ronny's unpleasant dilemma: should he tell Nick or not? Also appearing in the movie is Queen Latifah. Watch the Trailer: 'From Prada to Nada' DVD This romantic comedy transposes Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility from 19th-century England to the Latino community in present-day East Los Angeles, and Austen's young adult Dashwood sisters become the Dominguez sisters, Nora (Camilla Belle) and Mary (Alexa Vega). In the movie, the sisters are living in Beverly Hills and have almost forgotten they are of Mexican descent when their wealthy father dies and they have to move in with their middle-class aunt in East L.A. At first fish out of water, they eventually find romance and get in touch with their Hispanic heritage. Watch a Clip: 'The Green Hornet' DVD Seth Rogen stars as the title character, a masked vigilante, in this action comedy directed by Michel Gondry. The Green Hornet originated in a 1930s radio serial, then went on to comics and a 1960s television series. He has a sidekick named Kato, played by Bruce Lee on TV, but in this version played by Jay Chou. Cameron Diaz portrays Lenore Case, the secretary to wealthy newspaper publisher Britt Reid, the Green Hornet's alter ego. The Green Hornet and Kato drive around in an elegant militarized car called Black Beauty as they try to bring down a supervillain (Christoph Waltz). Watch a Clip: * DVD Rewind: Amos 'n' Andy 21 Disks, one incredible collection; the entire Amos 'n' Andy legacy can now be yours at over 50% off list price. ------------------------------------------------------------ END OF What's New on DVD from Copyright 2011 All rights reserved. Please forward this, in its entirety, to others.

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